Skinny Thinny Mintys and Some Extra Dough!

I’m dealing with a small obsession creating new cookies. Lots and lots of new cookies. I’ve found a few that are really tasty and absolutely worth tasting. I’ve also found a few that could be labeled as the best cookies ever eaten. These, I can’t share…only pictures, which are to follow. These recipes will be {Read More…}

Peanut 2X Butter Finger Cookies

So, I felt like being creative today. I think it was semi-successful…but there was a problem. See, i’m stuffing 125 dozen eggs for my mother’s office Easter Egg hunt. Yes, 125 dozen. It’s overwhelming. But the thing is, it comes with it’s perks. No, I’m not talking about my aching fingers from trying to shut {Read More…}

Can’t Decide? Two Tone Cookies

Jeffrey Smith. Couldn’t decide on his birthday treat. He was torn between sugar cookies and oatmeal raisan cookies. I’m not sure if you know this, but I can’t decide things….it’s just not possible. So I thought that I would handle it. I…would just give him both…combined into one cookie! I mean..yeah they are completely different {Read More…}

Catastrophic Cookie Cups

Catastrohpic would be the only word to describe what happened here. I’m going to blame it on the fact that I hadn’t made a post in almost 1 week and a half. That’s ridiculous. How did I even survive!So I was researching up on a few blogs the other day, and I stopped at one {Read More…}

Choco-Peanut Butter Cookie Cake Bars

So, I love these. That pretty much about sums it up. After getting past the ridiculously long name, eating them is the easy part. The picture quite frankly makes me want to eat them all over again, and yes, I did indulge. It’s like the best mix of cake and cookie that you could ever {Read More…}