Communion Bread/Cracker/Cookie?

Ok, so before you ask me why the heck I am talking about baking communion bread, let me explain. Ever since I was a little girly, we would have this special bread at my church. I never had any clue as to what it really was. Bread? Cracker? Cookie? It was such a unique and {Read More…}

Rasin Filled Cookies (AKA old people cookies)

So, I’m not sure about you, but……whenever I think of raisin filled cookies…I think of old people. To be exact, I think of an old woman sipping tea, watching wheel of fortune, and eating one or two of these old-fashioned favorites. But, I was obliged to make these. See, I have this neighbor who has {Read More…}

Gingerbread, Truffles, and Gobs Oh My!

No, My Christmas baking was NOT complete. I needed more! MORE! So, I did. And they are so cute, if I do say so myself. I have a teeny tiny feetish with midget gingerbread men! So, not to dissappoint, but I didn’t make these frome scratch. But, taking the gingerbread cookie dough and adding a {Read More…}

Sugar Cookie Favors

So…we do Christmas Eve Dinner for friends and family who don’t have relatives close by. This being said, I had some left over Sugar Cookie Dough from a prior post. So, I brought out the Williams and Sonoma Cookie Cutter and went to work!

"From the Kitchen of Lauren"

From the Kitchen of Lauren. All of those lovely cookies needed homes. So..I packaged them up all sweet and pretty…and gave them to all of our friends! Take a look! A few pictures of the finished product! Now, which one to eat first……….hmmmmmm?