CCPS #2 Cute Cut-outs

Cut-outs. Something that I knew needed to be mastered. I must say, it took some time. But, now that I have a loving relationship with my Kitchen-aid and I know that your are not supposed to soften butter in the microwave, I can move foward in my life. Cream Cheese Cut-outs sounded delighftul (that they {Read More…}

Fried Freshman Makes Cookies (CCPS #1)

I know, I have no excuse for not posting anything in the last fifteen days. But, I have an excuse. It is a solid excuse to..not a whimpey one. It’s called college. Yes, it does suck. It may be the “best times of your life” if you actually had a life, haha. The sad part {Read More…}

Cookies for Katherine

I had one request from my aunt on Thanksgiving. Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies. Of course I obliged quite willingly, but inside I was thoroughly concered. I had never been successful with oatmeal cookies. So…my hunt started. My hunt for amazing oaty oatmeal cookies. I was on a mission, but uncertain was I of the results. {Read More…}

Terrific Turnovers (Empanadas)

Yes, empanadas. A Mexican/Latin American traditional Christmas treat. Often filled with meat, this dessert can also be made with an array of fruit. Soo..I decided to go tropical. But first, I should give you the background. I was assigned a project for college. In Spanish, there is a holiday called Las Posadas and at the {Read More…}

Peanut Butter Party

Yes, a party of peanut butter. I pray that heaven will be filled with the thick brown peanut paste. It aids in so many wonderful things from cakes to cookies. It’s traditional in sandwiches, and is even found in sauces and soups. What a lovely, lovely thing. I’ll help you realize how divine this is…..I’ll {Read More…}