When Things Roll the Right Way


Today was a day worth talking about. Not only do I continue to realize that I live and learn in Italy, but I am able to reflect on the fact that this has been just the most incredible journey. Today, in particular, stood out to me. We made something that I have ALWAYS wanted to {Read More…}

You Are What You Eat (Living the French Paradox)


And so, my French Riviera trip continues… Waking up at 9am didn’t sound quite appealing to me after a week of 6am starts. So, I slept through a purely French breakfast consisting of a large croissant, French baguette, butter, jam, and coffee. Luckily, Jessica snatched me some and I was able to commit carb-o-cide at {Read More…}

Driving Straight Into Sickness (and the French Riviera)


It’s unfortunate to realize how much I let stress take over my life. And this stress isn’t necessarily derived from things that are worth worrying about. For me, it seems to be a build and burst scenario. After a stressful week with small extra stressful things built on top, my body had had enough. Friday {Read More…}

When it All Falls Apart


Today sucked…big time In fact, this week really seemed to hit me with all kinds of suckage. I was “blessed” with the ability to wake up every morning bright and early to serve coffee at our on-campus pastry shop (and be there by 7:20am) Have I mentioned lately the mile and a half walk? Loading {Read More…}

Life Lessons With Lauren (and How to Make Burnt Granola)


I never intended this blog to be an inspirational “Life Lessons with Lauren” series similar to that of Dr. Phil. I mean, Dr. Phil is great and all, but I’m usually not one to televise my problems to the masses, unless it’s complaining about walking 3 miles or washing my own dishes. However, I have {Read More…}