How To Consume Massive Amounts of Food: A Field Guide to Il Latini

Almond Cream Cake

Before I boarded my plane to Italy, Rachel Ray and I had a very important discussion (via magazine). She made sure to tell me her favorite Italian restaurants and that two of them were in the very place that I was going to. Woah. So, obviously, I have already been to two of them, and {Read More…}

My Kind of Bar Hop

My Kind of Bar Hop

After spending an entire afternoon on the history of traditional Italian restaurants, the topic changed to bars and panini shops. A “bar” in Italy simply refers to place that sells coffee (and typically, pastries). But first, because we were going to be focusing on pastry, our teacher surprised us with several industrially made cookies. In {Read More…}

A History of Italian Restaurants


This weekend’s seminar titled Restaurants and Wine Bars was completely fascinating. So much so, that I thought it would be beneficial for me to share a few tidbits of the plethora of information that my brain consumed. We were introduced to a few very very old restaurants throughout the city, and went on a walking tour to {Read More…}

Alone In an Airport


This was my journal entry as I was waiting in the Barcelona airport before arriving to Menorca. Being alone in an airport is something very difficult to describe. The stores are closed, the automatic sidewalk slowly starts to shut off, people just aren’t moving anymore. Everything is still. Actually, I become still…and peaceful, and strangely, {Read More…}

Solociccia: Making Friends and Feasting on Meat


I have to admit, the first few weeks I was in Florence, the food did little to wow me. I was confused. It was a hard concept to swallow. I didn’t know what to do. I wanted to get amazing Tuscan food, and thought that Florence (the capital of Tuscany) would be the place to do {Read More…}