It’s all in the Little Things


The following post was my journal entry on Wednesday… Today was a bittersweet day. After dropping Jared off at the train station, I wasn’t prepared to show the emotion that I did. What I hadn’t realized is that I had adjusted to Florence, but with him. I had walked everywhere with him, ate dinner everywhere {Read More…}

Gelato a Day Keeps the Doctor Away

Gelato a Day

Friday was a day filled with amazement, and amazement in more than one area. I was scheduled to meet two of the girls from the pastry school to find the rest of our necessities for pastry school. However, Jared and I decided to stop by the market, which we had heard was strewn with fresh {Read More…}

First Days as an Italian


Other than waking up at 12:30pm (and feeling like a bum), my first days as an Italian were quite stressful, but in a “this will be ok” kind of way. My stomach and sleeping schedule were still left in confusion, as I woke up and still felt no desire to eat. Now, let me break it {Read More…}

The Miss Cupcake: Italian Version


I’m willing to admit right now the fact that I’m completely out of my comfort zone. The range of emotions right now is unexplainable  inexpressible, and unimaginable. So many things have happened in the last 4 days that have never happened in my entire life. Here, I will attempt to explain these victories over confusion, while {Read More…}