I Heart Greece

We had the pleasure of visiting two different cities in Greece: Athens and Chania, located on the island of Crete. And after having the opportunity to see two different Greek communities, I’m seriously in love with the place and the people. First stop was Athens, where we would have the amazing opportunity to see the acropolis. It {Read More…}

Sicily: The Quest for Cannoli


Stop number one on our cruise led us to the beautiful island of Sicily, just a few skips off the coast of Italy. Sicily is still considered part of Italy, but boasts completely different foods, different customs, and basically a different version of Italian. And if you ask Sicilians if they are Italian, do you know what {Read More…}

Royally Cruising the Mediterranean


Lauren: “Jess, I know what we should do for Fall break.” Jessica: “Oh, no. What did you find?” Lauren: “Cruise to the Mediterrnaean, and yes, we DO go to Sicily, so you can get your cannolis.” Jessica: “I’m in.” And that is exactly how it happened. We made the decision several hours after seeing the {Read More…}

Perusia: The Land of Chocolate and Ponies


After reading about the Perusia Chocolate Festival trip in Bus2Alp’s trip options, I knew I would do what it took to get there. So clearly, I booked it. The city is located in the region of Umbria, with is southeast of Tuscany and has a similar characteristic to many hill-top Tuscan towns that I have {Read More…}

It’s Simple.


After having a serious talk with one of my roommates the other day about living in a completely unknown environment for three months, I realized something. Had I not been pushed into a group of 10 other students, forced to wear un-flattering pastry apparel, and condemned to arrive at the bakery at 6:30am on some {Read More…}