Mix and Match Mini Tarts

So I bet you are probably wondering why I keep posting fruit tart recipes. Well see, because the original recipe for fruit tart is so stinking good..I thought that it was worth while to play with it a little. I think I’ve found some wonderful variations. The tart recipe is ultimately the same, but just {Read More…}

Easy Peachy Crisp

Yes, I must give the background to this peachy wonder. I’m visiting my brother in Orlando. I tried to make him understand that I have a compulsive baking bug, so I made him his faaavoorite thing. But, that is not all. About one month ago Blake, himself, attempted to make peach crisp without contact me {Read More…}

Delightful Diva Day: Coconut Fruit Salad and Chips

I bet you are wondering why in the world you would serve chips with Coconut fruit Salad. Oh ye of little faith. I must introduce you to something fabulash. Would you come along? Hungry Girl’s Coconut Fruit Salad (Also, my favorite combination of all things good for me!) Items Needed: For Salad: 2 cups of {Read More…}

Dinner Date Deceivers

So….out dinner guest did finally retrieve their health. So…it was a go. Except I was in a slight jam. It was 10:00, I had to work at 10:30-4, the guest was arriving around 5pm, and I had finished off (not single-handedly) the first fruit tart. Loved ever 13,560 calories of it. Would do it again {Read More…}

What a Fruit (Tart!)

Lets get a few things strait. No, I don’t hoverin the kitchen all day thinking of the next thing I can bake (Yes, I do that….but not in the kitchen) I’m actually quite a busy person. I also don’t create fabulous desserts for no reason at all. I always have a legitamite excuse to create {Read More…}