Christmas in August With Paula’s Ham


To begin this lovely rambling session, I would like to admit that I’m aware that the month has changed and it is now September. Now that I’ve said my peace, I can begin. And now, for yet another update on the status of my health. I would like to inform you all that if you {Read More…}

Sweet Box Success (and secret recipes)


Exaustion. Wonder. Excitement. I haven’t posted for more than ten days, despicable. This is one of those moments that I think back to when I was in the plane on the way to Hungary a few summers ago. They had a few movie selections to choose from. One happened to be Mr. Magorium’s Wonder Emporium. {Read More…}

Gingerbread House Build-a-thon

  I haven’t done this in forever. I’ve planned really cute gingerbread parties, but things always came up and it ended very unfortunately. So, I put my foot down. I explained to Jared how utterly important the process of making gingerbread houses is to a person during the Christmas season. He bought the whole thing. Some {Read More…}

Miss Cupcake’s Christmas Sweet Boxes!


Do you need a special gift for a co-worker, family member, or friend? Maybe you just need an assortment of delicious homemade cookies and chocolate for a party? The Miss Cupcake Sweet Boxes are the perfect thing for you! The Sweet Box is a fabulous assortment of cookies and chocolate in a bright pink bakery box adorned {Read More…}