Truffle Festival Fail: And How to Make a Fail Day Fun


  Many of you are most likely aware of my detail oriented obsession with keeping a journal of my life, down to the second that something will happen. I write dates, times, things to remember, everything. So as I stand in the SMN train station waiting for the rest of the school tour group, I {Read More…}

Take Me Back to My First Love: Montalcino and San Leo (Again)


  After embarking from Le Tre Stelle, we rerouted in the direction of Montalcino, located southeast of San Gimignano. Montalcino is another walled medieval town, situated on top of a mountain (overlooking vineyards…as pictured above). Despite the massive amounts of rain and fog, we managed to snap a few absolutely gorgeous photos that really sum up the city well. Unlike {Read More…}

San Gimignano: Family Style


It’s amazing how completely different a place can be when you return with a different group of people. In my case, I had the AMAZING opportunity to visit San Gimignano AGAIN with my momma, cousin, and aunt, who came all the way from good old PA to visit me in Tuscany. After one evening in {Read More…}

San Gimignano

I’ve realized that every single town that I go to in Tuscany I’m going to fall in love with. It’s just inevitable. San Gimignano was no different. With its beautiful walls, it’s “world-champion” gelato, and it’s plethora of Tuscan pottery, San Gimignano caught my Tuscan-loving attention. So naturally, hearing that  this lovely city has been {Read More…}

Ganzo: Faking Refinement


Enter Ganzo, our on-campus restaurant with a kitchen that is stocked full of culinary students. It is a place where students from Florence University of the Arts have a chance to sample high-class cuisine at a low-class price. The concept is really quite rewarding for everyone involved. Every Thursday evening, Ganzo hosts what they like {Read More…}