Miss Cupcake Frenzy: Two weeks of treats, sweets, and doctor’s visits

What a whirlwind this past week or two has been. I have made oodles of sweets and treats (the picture above is one of my brain children of these such times) , done so many crazy things, and yet…I have been so rude as to not share my life story with you. Don’t worry, I’m sitting in {Read More…}

Behind the Scenes of a Whoopie Pie Sale


 Friends, foes, and family, I must introduce you to the strange and wonderful world of a whoopie pie sale. During this time that your mind is captivated by these words, you will learn several things: how to make these cute beach whoopie pies, how to sell whoopie pies like a pro, how to eat when {Read More…}



Yes! You have read that right! Miss Cupcake is hosting the First Annual Beach Whoopie Pie Sale! (Background: mi9.com) Why…you may ask? Well, one day, my lovely cousins and I decided that we needed to have some good bonding time. You see, family bonding is scarce and it should be honored and respected. Therefore, we {Read More…}

Miss Cupcake’s Christmas Sweet Boxes!


Do you need a special gift for a co-worker, family member, or friend? Maybe you just need an assortment of delicious homemade cookies and chocolate for a party? The Miss Cupcake Sweet Boxes are the perfect thing for you! The Sweet Box is a fabulous assortment of cookies and chocolate in a bright pink bakery box adorned {Read More…}

Fun Fun Fetti

Birthday Treat time! The request was up for Funfetti Whoopie pie….my personal concoction that are probably just my favorite! It’s really not good when I make them because I tend to snatch a few and well……lets not talk about it. I’ve shared my whoopie pie recipes before…but this is a monumental foundational recipe that you {Read More…}