Double Chocolate ButterCream Cake

La la Oh la la Ro-ma oh-la-la Gaga….basically this is the ultimate sinful dessert. Everything about it is absolutely wonderful and amazing and wonderful and delightful and amazing and I don’t even like chocolate but I drool over this. First off I must tell you about this icing. It’s Magnolia…turned evil. It’s buttercream..turned dark side. {Read More…}

ACDC for me!

Let me just tell you…I was so PUMPED about this cake. I’ve always desired to bring out my inner “rocker chick.” I’m sure with lots of practice, a bottle of black hair dye, and a sparkly microphone….I’d be all over the rocker chick identity. Until then, I figured that I would just do this cake. {Read More…}

Roooarrrr-antastic Lion Cake

So I bet you are wondering why in the world I made this cute little lion cake? Well, I’ll tell you. A friend of Blake’s from school saw Miss Cupcake…and voolah…I was hired! I loove when that happens. It’s for a 1st birthday…lion themed! Yay! So this cake started off as being his own “personal {Read More…}

Queen For a Day Cake

Yay! Queen for a day!! We all need that once in a while! So, you know that I just loooove baking cute little packages of joy for people! I recieved this lovely opportunity to bake a “queen cake” for a lady from a lady at my church (a bit confusing I know). Anyway…I saw this {Read More…}

Peanut Butter Cup Cake: Heart Attack Version

Oh dear. Must I revel in my peanut butter joy by myself? I can hardly stand it…I thought I would share. This is the empitomy of Choco-Peanut butter combinations. Just keep reading, and I think that you will agree. First of all, I had a little help. I employed Jared to cut multiple bags of {Read More…}