Victory in Volvo: Again

Volvo Cake

Do we all remember this cake? Yes, this was the object of Blake’s glory when he found out of his acceptance into the Volvo Safe Program in Arizona. Well..Blake told me that when he graduated from his Volvo-ey school, that I was making a cake whether I liked it or not. Now, lets get one {Read More…}

Try Not to Get Mauled

Hmmm … now would be the time where I share a beautiful picture of a finished product of something that I have contrived out of nothing. However, here lies a finished product of a different nature. This, up here….is the end of a cake. This is the beautiful end to a Teddy Bear Cake. The {Read More…}

Hail King Jared’s Cake


The time has come for the King to depart from High School. So the only proper way for Jared Smith to properly be escorted out of his kingdom was with a cake from Miss Cupcake. I mean, it’s my normal reaction to important events such as this. Deciding how to make Jared’s cake was quite {Read More…}

Throw a quilt on it.

This has won the award. This is my favorite cake to date. I mean the idea of a bed cake is quite unique I must say…but the reason behind it is absolutely adorable. This was for a friend of our’s Peggy Shields. Her and her sisters are throwing an 80th birthday bash for their mommy. {Read More…}

Warm Raspberry Cake-in-a-Cup

Do you see that up there? That’s the beginning of the most wonderful warmed dessert in the making. Behold….the cake-in-a-cup. It’s probably most genius invention known the the individual treat world. It just came to me one afternon. They are also oober versatile. You can use whatever the heck you want. So I’m pretty sure {Read More…}