Coffee Cake: Upside-Down Version

Fail. This is the word that most correctly describes my recent baking venture. Epic Fail. I’ve been quite obsessed with a blog called She’s a mother of two, and her cooking style is so much like mine. Fun, cute, and easy. So, as I was searching through her blog one day…I stumbled upon this. {Read More…}

Cake Bake for Blake

Number two on the list of Blake’s so desired desserts. This was his actual “birthday cake.” Chocolate detail included! Blake Forest Cake for Blake Items Needed: One Pillsbury Devil’s Food Cake Mix Oil, water, and eggs called for on package 1 pint heavy whipping cream 2 teaspoons almond extract 1 can cherry pie filling Hershey {Read More…}

Wedding Practice Party!

My first wedding cake! This is a turning point in my cake career….and I’m loving every second. Just to make sure I was ready for this, I decided to make oober amounts of samples for the lovely couple. (Shout out to Jeff and Gwen!) Their selection was White cake with magnolia buttercream. There guests won’t {Read More…}

Super Super-Bowl Ball

The story. Yes, there is always a story for every single cake that I made/make. The reason I made this cake was, of course, because of a hopping super bowl pajama party. But, it was even more of a selfish reason than that. I, Lauren Elsasser, was hungry for cake. Really hungry. So, I made {Read More…}

Whinnie the Pooh and Friends

Whinnie the Pooh. My favorite childhood pastime. But, this cake was actually made for a specific purpose. Let me tell the wonderful story. I got an email a week or two ago from an old friend. She had told me that she looved Miss Cupcake, and asked if it would be possible for her little {Read More…}