Tell Tale Heart: Cake Version

This picture might be one of the most disturbing images of your life….if I don’t explain. So, I’ll start by doing that. Well you see, in high school there was always this man who was obsessed with Edgar Allan Poe. He’s the father of one of my high school friends and he’s a counselor. Yeah, {Read More…}

What Happens When I Bake for Blake…..

So this. This is the plate of deliciousness that was shipped off with my brother. See, he liked to use and abuse me. By that, I mean…..Blake: “Lauren, I need a dessert at 6:00.”Lauren: “Blake, it’s 4:45, and I’m a half an hour away from the house.”Blake: “Yeah, so I need a dessert by 6:00″Lauren: {Read More…}

Momma’s Birthday Blow-out

So I bet your wondering why I would show you this cake AGAIN! Well, if you must ask, I will tell. My mommy’s birthday was this week, and she wanted just one little teeny tiny thing for her birthday…THIS CAKE. Yes, behold, the Double Chocolate Buttercream Cake. I actually drool looking at it. So, I {Read More…}

At Last My Love Has Come Around: Wedding Cake!

I’ve been waiting for this day for just short of forever! My wedding day! Ok, well not my wedding day….but my first wedding cake day! I’ve already shared with you the cake samples, so this might be nothing new to you…but here is the finished product! I would just like to point out that there {Read More…}

Easter Goodies and Cake Ball Favors!

Yummy, yummy, yummy. I just love these. I mean, I just can’t get over how cute they are! The Easter table seemed very very bear, so I thought that something needed to be done about that. Strawberry Vanilla Easter Cake Balls were in order! Simply made too. All t hat I did was bake two {Read More…}