Christmas Party Surprise

So….I decided to make this cute little cupcake/cake arrangement for my High School. Due to the fact that I’m now a college girl and my old school has not recieved any of my baked goodness for along time. I thought that it was due. But, i needed to think of something festive and colorful! So {Read More…}

Victory in Volvo!

So, Blake. Yes, my Volvo-obsessed beach bum brother. He did something incredible. He took this oober hard MSAT exam to get into a crazy Volvo institute in Arizona. He scored like 20 points better than the average. So what would Lauren do if there is good news in any area of Blakes life? Well, bake {Read More…}

Mary Catherine’s Tea Party

So…my baby cousin Mary Catherine was baptized on Sunday. So I decided that it was an opportunity-to bake a cake of course! I realized that I needed to stretch my “fondant skills” and chose to decorate my cousin a little tea party of her own. Of course, I needed to add my famous mini cupcakes {Read More…}

Cake and Corruption

So I’ve had this absolutely horrible problem. My computer got a virus….yes….just as I was about to put my pretty new pictures on my blog of my recent creations. But of course, I would get a virus, I mean I’m a bit blonde when it come to computers-but that’s beside the fact..The point is..I can {Read More…}