Just a Pea in a Pod Cake


 FINALLLY! I finally received an order for a baby shower cake. I’m breaking into a new market! I have had this intense craving to utilize my baking obsession by channeling my energy into a baby shower cake for soooo long!! What’s not to love? Everything about a baby shower is cute: the decorations, the cute {Read More…}

Buzz Lightyear Space Ranger Cake


“This better be good, Lauren.” Those were the words that my lovely brother shared with me on early Saturday morning. Why? Well, this cake wasn’t a representation of my skills. No, oh no. This was all Blake. Remember those cupcakes that I made for him to take to his dealership? Yeah. Well, my loving brother spread {Read More…}

Fantasy Football

Star Cupcakes

I was utterly excited about this one. The one and only Lewisburg Green Dragons (which I made oodles of cupcakes for earlier this season) had contacted me about cupcake catering their football banquet. Of course, due to the fact that I followed them everywhere they went and withered away in sub below temperatures just to {Read More…}

Later Gator


A gator. A Florida gator. It’s interesting how I always get stuck making this stinking gator. I’m a Penn State fan for crying out loud. Why haven’t i had an order for the Penn State Lion? These questions haunt my mind. For now, however, I’ll just refer to it as the evil gator. I mean, {Read More…}

Sesame Treat


Recognize this guy? You know, blue-furred, cookie eating, children’s best friend character? Or how about this one? Yellow nose, apparently very tickle-ish, and a friend to all who know him. Of course, it’s sesame street. Well, I guess in this case…it’s sesame treat. I was super excited about this project. In all of my cake/cupcake/sweet {Read More…}