A Day at the Farm

A Day at the Farm. Now, this may seem a bit “out of my comfort zone.” To tell you the truth, it really was. Picking berries, seeing cows, and smelling goats…. not exactly my idea of fun. But, it was berry picking day for my girls and I. My girls being the ones that I babysit. Lauren and Nicole. They really enjoyed it…and the good thing was…I had all day to think of what to make with the delicious fruit that we were…laboring…to retrieve.

Lauren (above) really didn’t grasp the idea of “picking.” Eating was more her preference. Do you see that pink blob hanging from the basket? Well, that…my friends…. is Lauren’s pet. Its name is JJ. Don’t ask me any more questions, because I can’t answer them.

And then, there we our hands. They were covered in blue goo. If I had known this I would have taken them to the grocery store and we would have bought the 2 for 1 special fresh from California. Now, I guess I’m being a poor sport. I hung in there.

And we got a few fresh zucchini, if that’s how you spell it. I did learn something fairly educational though. This veggie actually has flowers growing on the end of it.

And then, there was this. Goat berries. Yes, a new hybrid version of blueberries with a hint of goat flavoring. So, actually I’m fibbing a little. This is actually crap. Goat crap. Yeah, I’m thinking exactly what you are thinking. Not something that I appreciate very much. But, is that a sin?

So the lady from the farm thought it would be real cute to bag dried goat poop and give it to Nicole’s dad as a gag gift. Now I don’t know about you, but I want to gag just thinking about that. On the way home I made sure that the poop stayed in the trunk and no-where close to me. It’s still on the back porch at Nicole’s house…and I’m not touching it.

We also stumbled upon some sour cherries. Oh my were they delicious. Kind of like eating candy…only about 234 times better for you.

And then, we had all of these beautiful berries. Lauren, what will you do with them? Oh blueberry, blueberry, don’t be blue. Don’t be blue, I’ll make something out of you!

AHHHHH HAH! Out of the three cookbooks that Nicole’s house had, I found this, captured it, and made it. So, the great thing is…. you to can benefit from this! Thank you Betty for this delicious way to make our visit to the farm actually worthwhile. Oops did I say that? After gathering all of the ingredients, I got to work …

And … waahhlah Blueberry muffins. Fresh, warm, and delicious. I actually, at this point, felt ridiculously proud of myself. I had just taken fruit, from where it grew, and made something from it. I felt like I was feasting on my harvest. The only problem, 95% of the ingredients I had bought from the grocery store…oh well.

Nicole also gave me her sign of approval. Which means, that we did a job well done. (PS…her silly band is a lime. I thought that you guys were curious)