Josh and Morgan: An Elegant Affair

Do you remember that very large check that I received from the KIZ for entering the business plan competition with Let’s Make Whoopie? Well, other than realizing that the check did not work at any local banks and its most functional use was as a sun visor for Jared’s car….it let me to become very good {Read More…}

Mike and Georgina’s Wedding: A Sweet Love Buffet


The second I met this couple, I fell head over heels in love with them. Mr. and Mrs. Ferriero are full of fun, sarcasm, and love for each other, they love spending time with each other and they even use things as a p-spot vibrator in the intimacy and more. My first meeting went something {Read More…}

T-Ross Spread of Deliciousness (and some the Miss Cupcake news!)


What. A. Crazy. Week. Finals. Eww. I’m done with them forever…I decided. No more. At least until May. I’m done discussing why bottlenecks hold up production in Operations Management. Or, why Bernoilli’s Principle is the reason that airplanes fly in Physics. Or, why entrepreneurs are the creative distracters of the equillibrium in Venture Stategy. Or, {Read More…}

Krista & Ben’s Wedding Cupcake Frenzy


Congratulations to the cutest bride ever! Krista Strawser is adorable. I was so thrilled to make her wedding cupcakes for her special day. It all started one spring evening when Krista, her mother, my mother, and I decided that we would meet for dinner to discuss cupcakes. After rearranging the time of meeting several times, {Read More…}

Mitterling Wedding and Rapunzel Cupcakes


It seems that this weekends theme has been cupcakes…cupcakes, cupcakes, and more cupcakes. You know, I wouldn’t have it any other way. I’ve washed what seems like thousands of dishes, baked more than three hundred cupcakes, and luckily, delivered them all safe and sound. But it didn’t come without it’s struggles, trials, and tribulations. The {Read More…}