Lauren and Jared’s Paris Funday


  The last several days of Jared and I’s European adventure were spent taking in Paris without any deadlines, which is something that I encourage you to do. We called them “fun-days,” something we knew that we would be a long time without once we returned home. The first day of our fun-day was spent disrespecting Paris. That is, {Read More…}

Parisian Pastry Hop: Day 2


Day 2 of hopping around Paris in search of sweet had come quicker than I had been able to recover from Day 1. But, whatever. I can convince myself otherwise. And that, my friends, is exactly what I did. Our first stop was Jean Paul Hevin, a famous Parisian chocolatier. The shop was modern, elegant, {Read More…}

Paris: A City I’ve Already Left My Heart With


 Arriving in Paris met me by utter shock. As I slowly ascended from the subway station, my eyes began to wander to the beautiful Parisian apartment buildings, the charming cafes, and the elegant clothing shops. I immediately knew that I would leave my heart here. We wandered toward the Notre Dame sector and were greeted by {Read More…}

My Ticket to Italy: Learning to Make (and Eat) Italian Pizza

Burnt Napolean Pizza

The day has dawned. The hour has slowly dwindled. The time has finally come. My plane ticket to Italy has finally been earned. The culmination of my baking career is now…valid. According to my father, that is. Today, I learned how to make pizza. Homeade pizza. Italian pizza. It was kind of like a self-realization {Read More…}

Munchen: Cheers to Glühwein!


I had been looking forward to this trip since I started my travels throughout Europe. My mind was focused on feasting until I felt miserable, drinking hot mulled wine, and being tantalized by shiny lights and market stalls. In fact, my budget didn’t really seem to matter when it came to this trip. I was reminded of this {Read More…}