The Steps to Gifting Success!


The time has come. The day has dawned. 102.7 has given in, Walmart aisles are adorned in red and green, and it’s time….time to start looking for cool gift ideas for Christmas. For instance, if your loved one loves to cosplay, then you may consider giving these Cosplay Contacts to them. For you, the prospect of Christmas being {Read More…}

Making A (Gingerbread) House a Home


I’ve gone on and on and on about how I’ve learned to appreciate my home, how much I love my family, and how excited I am to see them. But today, I made a home here. I’ve learned to develop friendships and make a home in a place that will never be my actual home. This {Read More…}

Give Thanks….giving


  The smell of cinnamon filled the air this morning at 6:30am as I stumbled into my shift at Fedora. Courtney (my fellow American shift buddy at the bakery) and I were given the task of preparing 50 small apple pies for dinner at Ganzo, the school’s restaurant where I myself would be enjoying Thanksgiving. {Read More…}

The Miss Cupcake Chocolate Sweet Boxes, Sampler Boxes, and Violence Themed Gingerbread Massacre


So now that it is Wednesday, Christmas is over, and I have finally been able to breath, I can tell you about the wonderful and magical creations of the Miss Cupcake. Now, I must warn you of something. Towards the end, things get a little, shall I say……violent. You have to work up to it {Read More…}

The Miss Cupcake Christmas Gift Menu

The Miss Cupcake Christmas Flyer

You see that? Yes my friends, it is OFFICIALLY December and that means that The Miss Cupcake Christmas Gift Menu has officially been released! Let me present you with a typical scenario. You: *Searching though the 19 catalogs you got in the mail today* “Wow, I wish I knew what to get (insert name here), {Read More…}