The Miss Cupcake Chocolate Sweet Boxes, Sampler Boxes, and Violence Themed Gingerbread Massacre


So now that it is Wednesday, Christmas is over, and I have finally been able to breath, I can tell you about the wonderful and magical creations of the Miss Cupcake. Now, I must warn you of something. Towards the end, things get a little, shall I say……violent. You have to work up to it {Read More…}

T-Ross Spread of Deliciousness (and some the Miss Cupcake news!)


What. A. Crazy. Week. Finals. Eww. I’m done with them forever…I decided. No more. At least until May. I’m done discussing why bottlenecks hold up production in Operations Management. Or, why Bernoilli’s Principle is the reason that airplanes fly in Physics. Or, why entrepreneurs are the creative distracters of the equillibrium in Venture Stategy. Or, {Read More…}

Cut it Out! Bachelorette Cupcakes and Dessert Buffet


Cut it out! Miss Cupcake received one of her first sweet buffet orders! Exciting! So exciting that the site has it’s very own Sweet Buffet tab. Do you need something exciting and new for your next party? Why not try a Miss Cupcake sweet buffet? Personalized, tweaked, and tailored to your every need and desire! {Read More…}

Stuffed Peanut Butter Mallow Eggs


Now, I know what you are thinking…COP OUT! “You made these last year, Lauren. Are you out of ideas already?” Well, don’t you worry. The peanut butter eggs are back and better than ever. I’ve taken the original…and morphed it into something so magical., you’ll wonder where you have been all your life. First of {Read More…}

Valentine’s Snickerdoodle Dough Truffles


Need a sweet treat to tempt your Valentine! Well, Miss Cupcake has just the sweet for you! Discover the pure bliss of Snickerdoodle dough truffles!