American Pancakes: Italian Momma


Sometimes when you live in a foreign country for an extended period of time, your appreciation for certain “homey” things gets the best of you. For me, the thing that encompassed “home”was the fluffy buttermilk pancake with maple syrup. Both of which are NOT Italian. So rather than pout about it, we decided to turn {Read More…}

The Miss Cupcake Debuts Made for Man Maple Bacon Whoopie Pies and a Miva Breakfast!

Man for Man whoopies

You know those times that you tell someone who are doing something when you actually don’t plan on doing it, just they can stop you from doing it? Did I just confuse you? If not, then follow along. I, the Miss Cupcake, did that very thing this past weekend. The interesting thing is, it almost {Read More…}

Organic Blueberry Cake Pies


   Organic. Not a typical word that you will generally hear coming from my mouth. When I think of eating organic, I conjure up thoughts about middle aged hippies with long flowing blond hair. I apologize for the stereotyping, but I’m just trying to be honest here. So when I was told by my Bible {Read More…}

God’s Breakfast Table: Cape May


  Before we go any further speaking about what you have just seen above, I need to lay down the ground rules of what I am going to reveal to you. This, is the best restaurant in the world. Now, you can think that it’s just my opinion, but it’s ok…you can be wrong. Cape {Read More…}

Peachy Pancakes for Blakey

Here’s a story.Lauren and Becky go to this lovely Inn for Breakfast.Blake gets jealous.Lauren was feeling generous. Lauren: Blake, do you want me to make you something for breakfast, say no.Blake: YesLauren: (Sigh) FINE! So, I’m not always nice to him…I think that has already been established. But, I was actually excited that he said {Read More…}