Easter Goodies and Cake Ball Favors!

Yummy, yummy, yummy. I just love these. I mean, I just can’t get over how cute they are! The Easter table seemed very very bear, so I thought that something needed to be done about that. Strawberry Vanilla Easter Cake Balls were in order! Simply made too. All t hat I did was bake two {Read More…}

Cuppys and CaBalls

Let me stop you for one second. I have a revelation. That picture up there (yes the mini cuppys with the cutest little sprinkles and pink frosting…)….to date…that is my absolute favorite picture EVER. This, I correct myself from last post, is Lauren. This is the most Lauren that one can physically describe me as. {Read More…}

Whoopie Pie Cake Balls!!

After I had made those whoopie pies for my brother, I realized something. If you can make cake balls with cake and icing, why can’t you make whoopie pie balls with whoopie pies and whoopie pie filling. I was off, and on a mission. I crumpled the cake as in the cake ball recipe and {Read More…}

Heart of Hearts

Yes, you’ve caught me; making cupcakes again! I just can’t resist. I jump at the opportunity. My friend’s 16th birthday was approaching quickly, and she asked me to make her some birthday treats! Cupcakes and cake balls were in order. Cake balls are yummy little cakey treats dipped in chocolate, but I will give you {Read More…}