Lauren and Jared’s Paris Funday


  The last several days of Jared and I’s European adventure were spent taking in Paris without any deadlines, which is something that I encourage you to do. We called them “fun-days,” something we knew that we would be a long time without once we returned home. The first day of our fun-day was spent disrespecting Paris. That is, {Read More…}

Parisian Pastry Hop: Day 2


Day 2 of hopping around Paris in search of sweet had come quicker than I had been able to recover from Day 1. But, whatever. I can convince myself otherwise. And that, my friends, is exactly what I did. Our first stop was Jean Paul Hevin, a famous Parisian chocolatier. The shop was modern, elegant, {Read More…}

Parisian Pastry Hop: Day 1


Understanding that I was in the land of pastry and love, Colleen and I figured that rather than exploring the tourist-dense sights (which she had already seen), we would go on a journey, a two day journey through the streets of Paris. This journey would lead us to a land of paradise. A land of {Read More…}

Paris: A City I’ve Already Left My Heart With


 Arriving in Paris met me by utter shock. As I slowly ascended from the subway station, my eyes began to wander to the beautiful Parisian apartment buildings, the charming cafes, and the elegant clothing shops. I immediately knew that I would leave my heart here. We wandered toward the Notre Dame sector and were greeted by {Read More…}

Airports Suck: Accomplishments Don’t


The “farewell from Florence” festivities continued as Friday rolled around. It would not be a day reserved to reflect, but rather to be filled with lots of people, trying to make as many last minute memories as possible. I made my way through the Mercato Centrale, where I first fell in love with local food {Read More…}