Meet Erica: The New Miss Cupcake!


A message from The Miss Cupcake & Let’s Make Whoopie Founder, Lauren Elsasser To my precious lovers of sweetness, Six years ago, I agreed to bake a wedding cake for someone while I was at a roller-skating party. I was seventeen, naïve, and had never baked anything for money. I studied for hours, culling through {Read More…}

A Bittersweet Broadcast


A message from The Miss Cupcake & Let’s Make Whoopie founder, Lauren Elsasser….. Hello sweet treat lovers, First of all, I wish to thank each and every one of you for your love, support, and business over the past 6 years. To think that this entire operation stemmed from a simple fascination with a few {Read More…}

I Need A Baker!


The time has come where I must come to terms with the fact that I cannot do everything myself. In fact, it’s quite humbling and honoring. The ability to let go has been something I have always struggled with, but am slowly understanding and reading many guides at this site that it is OK! I {Read More…}

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Have you found yourself desperate for The Miss Cupcake? Do you wish there was a solution for checking the website every 17 seconds to see if I have posted something new? Do you long to receive emails other than spam convincing you that you need to buy Viagra or unbreakable Christmas ornaments? Well, my friends, then the {Read More…}

Let’s Make Whoopie Needs YOU!

Peach Survey

Let’s Make Whoopie has graciously offered you the chance to partake in the flavor selection process for the August sale, which, must I remind you, is THE LAST SALE before I go to Italy. Yes, it’s a big deal…plan for massive whoopie pie order mode now. Give yourself time to mentally prepare for this. But {Read More…}