About Me


A love of food and baking has always been a part of my DNA. Stemming from my treasured Mennonite babysitter, this love was nurtured and cared for through her selfless instruction and patience with me. This love stayed with me throughout high school when I was inspired to start a blog to record my creative ideas and recipes.

Four short years followed at Susquehanna University in Selinsgrove, PA, where I had the opportunity to embark on a 4 month journey to Florence, Italy. There I experienced a culture of food, family, and tradition. I fell in love with Europe and was trained in Italian baking and pastry. Now, I’m back, bringing a love for baking, a business degree, and international baking experience to the table. Let me serve you! Explore what The Miss Cupcake has to offer and let us make your gift, event, or wedding simply unforgettable.