Josh and Morgan: An Elegant Affair

Do you remember that very large check that I received from the KIZ for entering the business plan competition with Let’s Make Whoopie? Well, other than realizing that the check did not work at any local banks and its most functional use was as a sun visor for Jared’s car….it let me to become very good {Read More…}

I’m back: Recent Work by The Miss Cupcake


Don’t be sad! I’m back! After a series of ridiculously busy weeks, I’m here, back with my sugary treats to tauntalize and entertain you as always. What have I been up to, you may ask? My big deal of a Latin brother graduated from MIT. (His sister graduated from Harvard the week before) I wonder if exchange {Read More…}

Stella’s Birthday Bash: Boston Terrier Cupcakes


So I received the sweetest request for doggy cupcakes the other evening. The fabulous stylists from the Dustin Kline Salon in Selinsgrove had a dilemma. Stella, the beloved Boston Terrior that served as one of their mascots, was turning one. Naturally, that’s the reason I fit in. Making cute birthday cupcakes for doggies is my {Read More…}

Woodland Animal Baby Shower Cupcakes (and NEW FLAVOR REVEAL!)


School is starting to wind down, I am slowly starting to swallow the inconceivably large stress lump in my throat, and the cupcakes…well they just keep getting cuter. I have dreams about cupcakes and whoopie pies now. Nightmares, to be exact. One minute, I’ll be singing along to Call Me Maybe with my cute little {Read More…}

WNEP Home and Backyard: Easter Cupcakes!


Hello world! If this is your first time viewing and reading The Miss Cupcake, well you are in for a sugar coated treat! Filled with lots of love, laughter, and real life stories, this blog is sure to tickle your tummy and provide tempting treats! I am so blessed and thankful to have been involved {Read More…}