International House of Thanksgiving (IHOT) Cheesecake, Arepas, French Men, Oh My!


This weekend was insane. Of course, it was insane in the best possible way that insane can be. There were people everywhere, the fridge was so full that we had to start triple stacking things, and my Latin brother came home to me once more. But before I get into all of that sweet and {Read More…}

A Day at the Farm


A Day at the Farm. Now, this may seem a bit “out of my comfort zone.” To tell you the truth, it really was. Picking berries, seeing cows, and smelling goats…. not exactly my idea of fun. But, it was berry picking day for my girls and I. My girls being the ones that I {Read More…}

Coffee Cake: Upside-Down Version

Fail. This is the word that most correctly describes my recent baking venture. Epic Fail. I’ve been quite obsessed with a blog called She’s a mother of two, and her cooking style is so much like mine. Fun, cute, and easy. So, as I was searching through her blog one day…I stumbled upon this. {Read More…}

Chili’s Perfect Mate

More food porn. I really sound dirty saying that…but…it’s kind of what it is. So, as the chili was cooking away…I realized something. Chili has a girlfriend. Her name is cornbread. So, I decided that the oven was calling me once more…not a surprise. But, I had a box. Yes, a boxed mix. I felt {Read More…}

Sour Cream Raspberry Coffee Cake (Coffee not Included)

So, I recently recieved a wonderful excuse to bake! (I really like those times if you haven’t noticed). Surgery. Surgery is an ecellent reason to bake! It makes everything feel a WHOLE lot better. So I asked the surery-ee what he wanted and he requested something I have never made before. I know…me…never make something? {Read More…}