How to Make An Apple Pie: Menorcan Gas Station Version


So Jared and I arrived in Menorca (an island off the coast of Spain) on Wednesday and have had a lovely and relaxing time so far (which you will hear all about in due time). However, there is something so imperative at this time, that all of the nitty gritty detail about our trip must {Read More…}

Apple Pie Fry


 Ok, now that I have this fabulous new Canon Rebel EOS t2i camera, I have been absolutely OCD about pictures. Lets take pictures of the chair, that cup over there, ohh look outside…a bird…I need to take a picture of that too. “Jared, I like the way your head looks at that angle. Stop right there, let me {Read More…}

Libby’s Original Pumpkin Pie


Maybe I’m getting a little ahead of myself. Visions of ghosts, goblins, and costumed covered children…and I make a pumpkin pie. I guess it was just one of those things. I looked in my cupboard, thought it was a good idea, and made it. However, we had guests last night from a media ministry called {Read More…}

Strawberry Banana Smoothie Pie (Blake’s version)

Blake. Need I say more. Blake is usually the cause of all my pain, suffering, problems, heatache, but he’s also the cause of all my hapiness. Such a weird combination that I can’t even explain. But..I do love him. So, here’s the story. I needed to learn how to drive stick, no reason, I just {Read More…}

Lemon "Flat"angue Pie Oh My!

Blake. Yes, he always is a topic of interest. See, I have a policy. I give a special treat to a person when it is their birthday. Anything of their choice, but just one dessert. But, Oh no!, Blake thinks that because he is my brother…that he deserves two desserts. So, this is the first. {Read More…}