How to Blow People’s Minds: A Pasta Workshop


So although I have had the absolutely INCREDIBLE opportunity to bake pastry 24/7 until it is coming out of my ears, eyes, and nose, I have had this lingering itch to cook Italian. And when I say “cook,” I mean produce food that isn’t primarily made of butter, sugar, and cream.Something that can be eaten {Read More…}

International House of Thanksgiving (IHOT) Cheesecake, Arepas, French Men, Oh My!


This weekend was insane. Of course, it was insane in the best possible way that insane can be. There were people everywhere, the fridge was so full that we had to start triple stacking things, and my Latin brother came home to me once more. But before I get into all of that sweet and {Read More…}

Christmas in August With Paula’s Ham


To begin this lovely rambling session, I would like to admit that I’m aware that the month has changed and it is now September. Now that I’ve said my peace, I can begin. And now, for yet another update on the status of my health. I would like to inform you all that if you {Read More…}

Bridal Shower Take 2

Picnik collage

I’ve finally come to the realization that my brother is getting married. It has taken me quite a while, and I never understood what a ridiculously huge change that it would be for me specifically. I would have no one to pull out large clumps of my hair, rip skin off my body when I hide {Read More…}

ChickChick Parmesan Roll-Ups

Yes, I know, you are probably wondering why in the world I am baking something “un-sweet.” But, it’s true, I do make other things than cupcakes and candy. This, I’m very very excited to tell you about because you are going to want to jump up, dance around, and run to your kitchen to make {Read More…}