Agriturismo La Casa De Rodo: Pure Relaxation and Luxury

After having the most incredible rustic Tuscan countryside experience at Agriturismo San Leo, I figured that I should take Jared to share in a similar situation. However, I didn’t want to take him somewhere I had already been. I wanted us to be able to experience something new together. So after hours of researching on the internet, I came across an absolutely beautiful place with phenomenal reviews. So, I booked it.

Except, this was nothing like the agriturismo I had been to before.

This was some type of hideaway luxury penthouse.

So, we walk into the room, check everything out, and come to find out that there was a flat screen TV, a newly furnished room, a mini-bar, AND a ridiculously comfortable bed with soft sheets.

I don’t even know what those things look like anymore. And, I knew something was different about this place the minute I stepped into the bathroom.

There were his and her robes.


Was I dreaming? Did all of the pastry cream, cookies, and butter-laden mousse erode my brain, or was this reality?

Well, as you can see, this made sir Jared VERY happy.

We were also given these INCREDIBLE artisan bath products made with olive oil.

They were even wrapped with love and care.

And, there was a shower head…that I didn’t have to hold. And, it actually worked, and shot water through the holes.


And, yeah, did I mention that there is an outdoor, fully-furnished gazebo with plush floor pillows, hanging chairs, curtains….and…

complimentary blankets for snuggling?

And the pool, it was absolutely gorgeous. I was regretting that I hadn’t visited when it was a bit warmer.

And there was art strewn across the entire property. Even the pool chairs were modern and artsy.

And this statue….

that was pretty awkward.

And yet, I still took a picture of it.

Maybe that means I’m awkward?

Well, you win some, you lose some.

And there were ducks, which I chased (as you can witness from the picture below).

And there were midget horses (below)

I fell in love with these gentle mammals. Their eyes just hit me. It was like they were completely dedicated to me and I hadn’t ever met them before.

Look at a close up now and tell me if you heart doesn’t melt.

He got so excited, that he licked my camera.

But my question is, what does one do with a midget horse?

Do you ride it? Do you try to milk it? Do you breed them with giant horses to make normal sized horses?

All of these questions and no answers.

But, but far my favorite animal was this stubborn midget horse that we saw running lose. Jared tried to taunt it with hay, but the horse wasn’t buying it. Finally, Jared got so frustrated that he started having a conversation with the horse on how it should be more grateful when strangers try and help it along. He started to get angry when the horse didn’t apologize in English.

Horsey only spoke Italian.

It was kind of entertaining to watch.

Then we watched some ducks and geese.

And we surrounded the peacocks and chickens so that I could get a picture of them.

And yeah, there was even a rainbow. :)

And I found an “acorn tree,” as I called it.

Then, I was so exhausted from walking 200 meters, that I decided to take a nap on the big pillows.

And all of the sleeping and walking made me work up quite a hearty appetite. La Casa de Rodo had a “modern Tuscan” restaurant inside of the facility, so we were VERY excited to enjoy their representation of Italian cuisine.

Fearing that the staff wouldn’t be able to understand a thing we said, I tried to assure him that I would take care of us in the Italian department.

And then, we received the menu.

It was in Italian.

All in Italian.

So, I started translating, which sounded a bit like this:

“The first dish may be fish…or peaches, and it is served with some type of potato thing. The second dish is green because I think that word means green” “I can translated the desserts! Wanna hear?”

So, just at the moment that we were prepared to order the prettiest sounding Italian dish, an Italian waitor came over and translated the ENTIRE menu for us.

Talk about good service.

The olive oil should be given a post just by itself. It was house-made and was absolutely phenomenal. It wasn’t as tangy and spicy as normal Tuscan varieties, whose olives are harvested before they are ripe.

I ordered the cream of asparagus soup, mainly because I saw “asparagi” on the primi course menu and I had forgotten everything else the man said while he was translating. However, it was an excellent choice. The flavor of the dish was perfect and the texture was spot on and pleasant. The Tuscan bread was ALSO something to write home about. The multi-grain version had an earthy tone and both were fabulous drizzled with the house made olive oil and the course salt that was provided at our table.

In fact, my highlight of the dinner was the bread.

I ate 5 pieces, 1 for each pound I have gained while here.

Jared ordered the pasta with pork, cheese, and some other type of green vegetable. I wish I could be a bit more technical, but all that I could translate was pork and pasta. So, if you really want to know more, figure it out yourself. There is a picture there.

The Tuscan chicken was a particular highlight for Jared. The tender dark meat was coated in a crispy crust and served with a green salad and lemon wedge.

And for dessert, we decided to get creative. We ordered a red wine soaked pear on a shortbread rectangle with whipped cream. It was the most unique dessert I have ever eaten and am thoroughly pleased that I ventured into an unknown dessert territory  It was completely strange and foreign, but, it was an experience. In addition, we ordered the Tuscan version of tiramisu, with marscapone vanilla cream and coffee soaked biscotti. We literally licked the glass clean, which I know, is very unladylike-like.

But I really just didn’t care.

So the waiter noticed our desperation and…

He refilled our cream.


And then, our shower leaked all over the room. We tried to mop it up with towels and were actually quite successful. However, we just wanted to give the staff a heads up (and get a few new towells).

They were full of concern and after checking it out, they told us it was unfixable.

“I’m so sorry,” they said, “would it be ok if we gave you a different room?”

Jared and I really didn’t think that was necessary, but considering we were planning on taking showers, we obliged.

And walked into this….

Sogno, a MUCH bigger and more fancy room with a canopy, high ceiling, and an excellent view of the vineyards on the property. Here is an expressive video showing off the highlights of our new room.

I personally appreciate the confusion of “duvet” and  “bidet.”

The bathroom was gorgeous and everything was just…well…perfect.

Plus, we didn’t have to pay the 240 Euros that this room normally cost.

This luxury hideaway was treating us like royalty, and we liked it.

I’m considering going into the field.

Royalty, that is.

Then, we found a plush goose, and Jared had his moment.

And we found this incredible coffee chocolate.

And we were even presented with a typical Tuscan breakfast of croissants, cold cuts, juices, and jams.

All of their jams are house made.

And the dining room is absolutely stunning. In fact, I became so in love with La Casa de Rodo, that I am seriously considering decorating and structuring my home with the same characteristics of this place. I can honestly say that I have never felt more comfortable or relaxed at any other establishment in the world. The decorations, the fluffy pillows, the sauna (oh yeah, I forgot to tell you there was a sauna), everything. It felt like home. It felt like what I want my future home to feel like.

Escpecially the large jars of cookies for guests to take.

Well, I’m not exactly sure if we were supposed to take them…

but we did.

The coconut macaroon biscotti was actually the best coconut macaroon I’ve ever had. It had a similar flavor to the almond poppy seed quick bread that I make around Christmas time, yet the texture was luscious and indulgent.

Maybe I should have eaten 6 pieces of bread at dinner.

If you catch my drift.

Oh, and to add to the Italianess of it all, we rented a Fiat 500.

I thought it was such a great idea until we got lost and we were on a hill. Jared may have needed to get out of the car and push me.

Not like it was heavy or anything.

Then, we returned to Florence to witness this cupid made making kissey faces at all the ladies.

And to take my mind off of that disturbing experience, I ate some gelato.

Yogurt with honey and walnuts from De Neri.

If there was ever a time to sing an ode to gelato, that time would be now.

Looking back on our experience at La Casa de Rodo, I would ABSOLUTELY recommend it to anyone. It is a great city alternative and a place to feel secluded and relaxed. The surrounding town of Quarrata is nothing special to look at compared to some areas of Tuscany, but the property of La Casa de Rodo is worth any effort to get there. The service is impecable, the price is affordable, the dinner is unique, the staff is lovely, and your relaxation level will be at an all-time high. If you would like more information, or are looking into the possibility of coming to Tuscany, go to this website, and please, STAY HERE. You won’t regret it.

In fact, you will thank me.

Ciao for now!