Visit The Miss Cupcake! Christmas Whoopie Pie Sale Preview!

 I had this dream last night, a vivid dream full of puppets, magic shows, cupcakes, and whoopie pies.

I dreamed that all of you came to visit me at the 4th Annual Walk On Foundation’s Christmas Extravaganza. You all came to my booth and you all bought lots of goodies! Then I dreamed that I was feeling so super nice that I even gave you a picture preview of what I was going to offer…AND the Christmas whoopie pie sale!

Now, not everything is shown, but that is why you must come and visit me! See, I’m trying to entice you! Is it working? I will, however, give you a hint. It will kind of be like a Christmas whoopie pie blow-out. So, if you are interested in some whoopie, I’m your prime time dealer.

This event is for such a great cause to! Walk on is a non-profit that helps provide medical equipment and financial assistance to those who can’t afford it. Not only is THAT a great reason to come, but here are some other good reasons:

  1. I’ll be there…with whoopie pies, cupcakes, and my happy little smile. If you come early enough, you might even hit me at my irritable hour. However, this can be avoided if Dunkin Donuts mint hot chocolate is provided.
  2. There will be a puppet show. That’s pretty cool. Puppets and whoopie pies, match made in heaven.
  3. There is a sick Tae Kwon Do demo. Jared and I got to watch it last year. They punched through boards…it was pretty cool. Cupcakes and punching, if I were you…I would be at the Christmas Extravaganza.
  4. The Miss Cupcake may or may not be holding a special raffle drawing where you can win cash, prizes, and a Lexus…or maybe just free goodies!
  5. Jared Smith will be there. Watch him model a Miss Cupcake apron. He’s kind of like a parrot. He sings AND dances on command.
  6. Did I mention that The Miss Cupcake will be there, with FREE SAMPLES OF WHOOPIE!
  7. Did I mention that Jared will be there…also with whoopie?
  8. Did I forget to also mention that there will be OVER 5 flavors of whoopie there? Yeah, I said it. OVER 5.
  9. Do I even need to give you a tenth reason? I think not. (This is partially due to the fact that I have run out of reasons for you to come, but I am quite sure that 9 reasons are plenty)

Time for some preview goodies? OK!

Gingerbread Man Cupcakes

Snickerdoodle cookie cupcakes

Chocolate snowman cupcakes :)

And the whoopies? Well, I will be announcing the Christmas whoopie pie sale flavors on Monday, but…if I were you…I would come and sample each one. I will be having MORE flavors of whoopie at the Extravaganza than I will be offering during the sale.

Just saying. If I were you… you know where I would be on Saturday..?

Did I mention that I will be giving free samples of whoopie?

Yeah, take that how you wish.