Mitterling Wedding and Rapunzel Cupcakes

It seems that this weekends theme has been cupcakes…cupcakes, cupcakes, and more cupcakes. You know, I wouldn’t have it any other way. I’ve washed what seems like thousands of dishes, baked more than three hundred cupcakes, and luckily, delivered them all safe and sound. But it didn’t come without it’s struggles, trials, and tribulations.

The Saturday delivery went well. My mom helped me and everything went smooth. All except that DJ who looked at me and said, “yo, that’s the cake table? I’m pretty sure that is MY table. I’m doing a powerpoint.” I tried to be pleasant, and let him know that this CLEARLY was the cake table. I’m pretty sure that he wasn’t very happy with me….oops.

The Sunday delivery got off to a very shaky start. Jared, because he is basically attached to my hip, decided to help me put the cupcakes into my car. Now, I have these clear containers that are most likely not actually made for cupcakes. When you put your hand in the center of the container, the middle pops up, consequently putting the cupcakes in danger. Jared has carried many of these trays over the years. However, this particular day seemed to have been different. All of the sudden I spotted a cupcake that had turned over on its side. “JARED! BE CAREFUL!” THAT CUPCAKE, AHHHHH I DON’T HAVE ANY EXTRAS!” I’m sure you can imagine my anger. We were dealing with cupcakes here, beautifully decorated and a labor of my love. Well, apparently it was all my fault. Ask Jared why it happened and he will make sure that he sets the situation straight. “Stop staring at me, Lauren. You make me so nervous. You just look at me like a hawk and then it causes me to be very nervous.” I’m so sorry Jared, I’ll try not to STARE at you anymore. How could I be so inconsiderate. We have made up since then. The actual deliver went fine after I tried to repair that poor cupcake. Since then, I have given Jared a lesson in how to destress.

Well, the cupcake lineup was rather sweet for this weekend. Jodie Dagle’s wedding featured many different kinds of cupcakes. Above, chocolate fudge with pb buttercream, chocolate drizzle, and a red fondant flower.

Some more, just striped differently.

There were several different fondant designs for the rest of red velvet and vanilla sprinkle cupcakes.

The sugared cupcakes are my love. Not only do you get cake and icing, but SUGAR. If you are gonna eat a cupcake, you better EAT your cupcake. That’s my philosophy.

Cake. Something that causes me much stress. Due to the fact that I’m not professionally trained in cake-ing, I always struggle when it comes to smooth fondant and clean lines. Because of this, I have decided that Miss Cupcake will focus more on cupcakes and postpone solely cake orders for the time being. I hope to become more skilled in fondant work until cake and I meet again. Until then, I will be serving up all kinds of delicious cupcakes, and someday, maybe I’ll build a cupcake empire! MUAHAHA! Actually, if you are interested in being hired into the Miss Cupcake Enterprise, talk to Brian L. Elsasser, CPA. CVA about the money. He is my Chief of Finance and deals with all that jazz. He’s getting paid pretty good. Make sure you ask him about it. He loves the idea of working for me.

The bottom cake layer is cinnamon sugar with cream cheese and the top is chocolate fudge with vanilla buttercream.

Fondant daisies to decorate.

The next cupcake order was due on Sunday. This was for a little girl who was having a “Tangled” birthday party theme. I pretty much had free reign with the decorations, which is always exciting. Above, are two of the designs for the party.

These braids were my pride and joy! How cute are they?

More decorations and braids.

And for the birthday girl, I made a shiny fondant crown. I hope she loved it. Last but not least, I made fondant star sticks out of toothpicks for some extra depth. What an exciting weekend! I hope Miss Cupcake joy was spread far and wide!