I’m back: Recent Work by The Miss Cupcake

Don’t be sad! I’m back! After a series of ridiculously busy weeks, I’m here, back with my sugary treats to tauntalize and entertain you as always. What have I been up to, you may ask?

  • My big deal of a Latin brother graduated from MIT. (His sister graduated from Harvard the week before) I wonder if exchange student family blood can run in a host family…hmm. I sat through a 4 1/2 hour graduation ceremony, that don’t get me wrong…was beautiful…but extremely long. After 2 hours of just saying everyone’s name, I was bright red and now have a beautiful tan line to prove it.
  • I turned 21, and man did I get wasted. Haha. I was sick the moment I woke up that morning (and not because of a hang-over). I laid in bed until 5pm, then got up, ate something, drank one sip of 2.5% alcohol, took a happy pill, and went to bed. Let me just tell you my friends, It. Got. Crazy. Maybe 22 will be a bit more dramatic.
  • Despite the uneventful birthday, Jared surprised me the Saturday before my birthday at 2pm. He asked me if I wanted to go to Cape may. I said yes, and ran to the car. We got there, after locating a hotel, only to be questioned if we were going to have visitors. Apparently, normal 20 year old kids party hard. The morning we checked out, the hotel owners were so delighted that we didn’t bring visitors or pets that we got two pens (different colors too!) and a lovely coupon for $10 our next stay. Those Cape folks are just so generous. However, it was amazing, and Jared Smith is amazing, and my whole birthday experience was just amazing.
  • I went to Philadelphia with my mom to retrieve my visa to live in Italy for 4 months. I was reminded why Philadelphia will not be my first choice in my search for a future residence. After pulling up next to a trolley, some man decided that it would be a great idea to beat my windshield with a black umbrella…while we were in the car. I almost peed my pants.
  • I lost my keys, and while looking through my car, I placed a box of cheerios and my cell-phone on top of the car. I was so overjoyed that I found my keys that  I forgot about the cheerios and my phone. So, I got in my car and waved back at the kind man who waved at me while driving. “People are so nice around here,” I thought to myself. Well, that is where the cheerios fell off. My phone? I never did locate the poor guy. Rest in piece Droid, I will forever miss the 573 contacts that I have generated over the years.
  • Alot of less important things happened that involved working, getting icing stuck to my hair, and running out of butter.

These first set of cupcakes were made for a surprise 16th birthday party. She was obsessed with Disney princesses and the movie Tangled. I had never seen the film, but till I was done with the cupcakes, I had created a imaginary story of how I thought the movie went in my mind.

Rapunzel’s braid and a chocolate chip cookie dough cupcake.

More “Rapunzel” Tangled themed cupcakes.

And…my favorite…the sad frogs. Why the frog is sad, I’ll never know.

I mean, I could watch the movie.

Nahh, that’s too much work.

All boxed up and ready to go!

And as a surprise to the birthday girl, I recreated Rapunzel’s tower, made of pecan rolls, a cupcake, and and ice cream cone. Super easy to make, I’m more than willing to give anyone the details if they ever want to attempt this.

So then I began to wonder. Why the sad frogs, why the ridiculously long hair, Why!? Why!? Why!?

I figured that the frog is sad because he is actually in love with Rapunzel.

Maybe she doesn’t love him because he is a frog…

Or because he is green…

Or maybe because she doesn’t like talking animals (which is so unrealistic)

What are we teaching our kids these days?

What’s next?

Above are a few Mother’s Day cupcakes that I created this year!

Sunflower cupcake and a green vine cupcake.

More assorted cupcakes!

Graham cracker cupcakes and marshmallow red velvet cupcakes.

I combined them together and made Mother’s Day cupcake baskets. Some of  you probably had the opportunity to receive and eat one!

Last, but not least, the Crate’ O’ Whoopie, enjoyed by men of all ages this Father’s Day!