It’s All in The Jar: Christmas Extravaganza 2010


Christmas. It’s all I can think about. I dream about it, breathe it, eat it, and now make it. I recieved an amazing opportunity a month or two back having to to do with Christmas. I was asked to be a vendor at the 2010 Christmas Extravaganza held at the Mifflinburg Intermediate School tomarrow. Now, because I’m a control freak, organization freak, and schedule/to-do list freak…I knew this would be tough. School, Christmas coming up, blogging, and preparing to be a vendor seemed like a daunting task. However, I thought that I might as well test the limits of scheduling. Plus, I have an amazing special friend who I kidnap to do free labor for me.

Anyway, deciding what to sell as a vendor was yet another daunting task! I love to make so many tasty and delicious things! How in the world would I ever decide!!!! Well, my friends, here’s your introduction: jar style. You’ll have to come visit for all the things that I’m going to be offering. Really, you need to come. :)

So here they are and  because I’m such a nice girl, (even though my dad would probably disagree) I’ve decided to share one of the four different jar cookies that I made! Yay! (Don’t worry, you can still purchase one from me..instead of making it yourself. It’s a win-win for both of us :)

Let it begin. I introduce you to: Christmas S’mores in a Jar (Aka Blow-Your-Mind-Cuteness in a Jar)

You’ll have to have some graham crackers/crumbs handy.

Then, you’ll want to be extra careful when you pour the graham cracker crumbs into the jar. I used a funnel due to the fact that

  1. I tend to be a clumsy mess
  2. I tend to be messy
  3. I tend to be clumsy and messy

 This has got to be my favorite part of these S’more Bars. Holy flipping cranberry hootycreeks. Sugar cookie peeps. Oh my good loving gosh. I’ve never eaten anything like it. It’s like eating a soft sugar cookie that has been filled with air to a marshmallowy and slightly crunchy consistency.  If, in fact, heaven was lined with sugar cookie peeps. I would probably, eat myself into gluttony until I passed away from sugar cookie peep overload. Then, I would go to heaven and my house would be made of sugar cookie peeps….and maybe people would be made of sugar cookie peeps. Then…(oh this is good)..we could EAT OURSELVES!

Ok, I might have gone on a bit of a bunny trail. I will proceed with the S’more Bars.

That poor little sugary peep was afraid to go inside the jar. Don’t worry. Several seconds after this picture was taken, I ate him. Now he’s in a better place. Now here’s something to think about: Will the sugar cookie peep that I ate be in heaven with me? Will I actually eat him twice? Will he NEVER DIE? Hmm…

Yes, I know, another cotton-tailed trail.

You have got to stuff these guys on the outside of the inside of the jar…if that makes any sense at all. You really need to stuff them tight. Those sugar cookie peeps better get comfortable with each other…or it might be awkward in there.

Pile on the M&Ms. You’ll have to fill the inside of the jar first, inside the outer layer of peeps. This will help the peeps to stand up against the outside of the jar 

 Next, plop a big ole heaping of brown sugar on the top of the M&Ms. By this time, I had made so many jars, that I just shoved in on top and didn’t even realize that I had got about 3 cups of brown sugar on the floor. Woops. New…tile..err..or carpet?

 Christmas S’more Bars (In a Jar)

Items Needed:

  • One 1 and a half quart ball mason canning  jar (I used the smooth ones from Walmart. Cheaper and more appealing)
  • 1 1/2 cup graham cracker crumbs
  • 5-8 peeps (depending on how large they are and how many you can stuff in the jar)
  • 1 1/4 cups Christmas M&Ms
  • 1/3 cup packed brown sugar


  1. Using a funnel, pour the graham cracker crumbs into the bottom of the jar. (You may need to wipe the edges with a paper towel after)
  2. Next, place the peeps on top of the graham cracker crumbs, shoving them onto the outside of the inside of the jar. (It’s going to be a tight fit!)
  3. Pour the M&Ms in the middle of the peeps, and onto of the peeps, to hold them to the outside.
  4. Push packed brown sugar on top of M&Ms.
  5. Close the jar, and attach a label that reads:

Then, there comes a point where perfection is no longer attainable. That moment where you have made 50 some jars and you realize that you cant take it anymore. When this moment comes, things happen. Things happen such as the next picture. There are no words to describe whats going on. All that I know, is that the gingerbread man has a smile on his face and that is all that matters.


And then there were four.  I’ve showed you how to make one. You’ll have to visit me to get the rest! Luckily, you don’t HAVE to visit me. These guys will be available for sale on Sunday.

Want one real bad? Email me at for yours starting Sunday!

Each comes in-tact with a lovely set of directions so you can have Miss Cupcake….in a jar!

Sounds like a perfect gift to me? Hmm? What do you think? Are you thinking, “yes I need some gifts for people that are unique and cute…but I just don’t have time to wrap and package them.” Hey! Wow! Guess what? Miss Cupcake will do it for you! Upon request, your jar will be put in a cute Miss Cupcake bag, topped with tissue paper, and a ribbon.

So, I know that you have all been inspired to visit me tomorrow at the Christmas Extravaganza. There will be more than 50 vendors there and it’s purpose is to benefit the “Walk on” Foundation. Come! I’d love to see your smiling face! And…I’ll give you a little hint….I’m not just selling jars :) You’ll have to come to get your hands on the rest! 

 Need more Miss Cupcake?