Josh and Morgan: An Elegant Affair

Do you remember that very large check that I received from the KIZ for entering the business plan competition with Let’s Make Whoopie?

Well, other than realizing that the check did not work at any local banks and its most functional use was as a sun visor for Jared’s car….it let me to become very good friends with a guy named Josh Rogers.

Now, I think that it is proper to have a time of grievance for said person. He put up with me through 60 pages of whoopie business plan writing…quite a noble task for any of those out there that are aware of my ocd tendencies.

It wasn’t always pretty.

I cried, I yelled, I uttered sarcastic comments when I felt his writing style was a bit unprofessional….

I tore him apart.

And you know what? He helped lead us to a victory. He stayed on board, suited up, spoke professionally, and together…we were able to woo the judges.

Or…perhaps it was the sugary delicacies that we provided them with…rather than the excellence of our presentation.

Ehh…either way…such is life!

But, I digress…

Josh Rogers and Morgan Manchester wed two weeks ago…and this is a lovely little picture story of their elegant wedding treats. They were a joy to work with and I wish them the most wonderful and happy marriage that one could ever have.

But…thanks to my help, I have prepared him for a marriage with even the worst of controlling psychos (which, Morgan is the opposite of. In fact, she is sweet and caring….characteristics, that if you ask Josh, where not my strong suits during our time together)

I suppose she can thank me for that ;)


The couple chose three cupcake flavors…as represented by something new that I have created, The “Identify Your Cupcake” frame, complimentary with the purchase of 10 dozen or more cupcakes for your event.

First on the list was a vanilla cupcake (dyed lavender) with a vanilla buttercream and sugar pearls.

The ever popular peanut butter cup (stuffed with an actual peanut butter cup) on the left.

Apple streusel, which came to be known as Josh’s favorite (after numerous hints to the bride through all methods of communication), was the last in the round up. As one of my personal favorites, it boasts a cinnamon vanilla streusel topped cake  stuffed with apple pie filling, and topped with a fluffy cinnamon buttercream and a cinnamon sugar pie crust heart.

As favors for all of the 275 guests, mini whoopie pies (with custom designed labels that Josh made for the special day) were in order. On the left, a vanilla dyed lavender whoopie pie is stuffed with vanilla filling and drizzled with white chocolate. The old school original was also on the menu.

Lastly, Morgan fell in love with an ornately decorated cake in which I attempted to replicate in mini fashion. They choose carrot cake with walnuts, rasisins, and cream cheese frosting.


Best. Cake. Ever.

I had NEVER made an actual carrot cake! I pulled out an old family recipe…and I’m telling you.

Carrot cake food comma.

However, being the intelligent individual that you know I can be…I decided to be frugal about the carrots in which I purchased.

Why purchase large carrots when I don’t eat them and instead feast on baby carrots?

So, if you would have entered The Miss Cupcake’s kitchen last Friday evening, you would have witnessed me shredded baby carrots…one at a time.

Once several hours passed, I realized the in-validness of the decision I had made on a whim in the grocery store.

I gave in and bought the dang large carrots….at 10pm that evening.


But after all of the shredding and dying my counter tops orange, I was able to clear away the mess and produce this cake!

However…just for the record, here is where we stand:

Baby Carrots: 1

Lauren: 0

The designs were different around the entire base of the cake.

Carrot top….get it?


The cupcakes were carefully placed on white trays on top of a lovely display that had been set up at the reception venue.

Of course, no table is complete without the Miss Cupcake frame!

 Marry Marriage you two! Thank you for letting The Miss Cupcake and Let’s Make Whoopie sweeten your day!