Memories of Cupcakes Past…..

So….I thought that I would relive a few of my fondest cupcake memories…..

The beloved Penguin Cupcakes. These babies were eaten up by two young children who galdly decapitated the poor penguin creatures. The penguin contains half of a mini donut, and on top is a donut hole. It is then dipped in melted chocolate icing and decorated. Yum!

Whale Cupcakes! A series of cupcakes made for Bible School two years ago! The tails are dipped chocolate wafer cookies dipped in melted blue icing.
Sheep Cupcakes…also for Bible School. I frosted them with vanilla frosting and added mini marshmallows that I cut in half. A few other little details, and vooollaahh!Lion Cupcakes…the last of the Bible School Bash! I frosted these big guys with vanilla icing and pushed Twizzler pull and peel licorace into the icing to make it’s “mane.” Then added m&m’s, a cinamon heart, and some piping, and roooooarrr!

My cute little “good luck” mini cake. Tese are probably one of my favorite treats to create. I frost a mini layer cake, and cover in in whatever sort of fondant tickles your fancy! PS I looove practicing!