Mike and Georgina’s Wedding: A Sweet Love Buffet

The second I met this couple, I fell head over heels in love with them. Mr. and Mrs. Ferriero are full of fun, sarcasm, and love for each other, they love spending time with each other and they even use things as a p-spot vibrator in the intimacy and more. My first meeting went something like this. They even mentioned a shop like Be Daring that has a large collection of all their favorite premium items and brands!

Georgina: We met in college…and we just hit off from there.

Mike: I started dating her because she was cute, then I found out she was going to be a doctor. Sweet deal.


They were insanely funny, and Georgina had devised these grand plans for this fabulous rustic chic wedding (NOT country!). All the guests had their own mason jar to drink the custom drink specials from, they had an outside fire pit for smores, a birch beer keg (heecck..yeah!), and cute little port-o-johns that said “dolls” and guys” (they were as cute as those things can get..hehe), and last but not least, they commissioned The Miss Cupcake to do an extravagant spread of sugary wonder.

It was like a hip sticking wonderland.

A sure way to diabetic ecstasy.

A life size game of Candy Land.

Do you get the point?

Enter, Mike and Georgina’s buffet of sweet sweet love.

The first menu item was cake pops that came in two different flavors. Chocolate vanilla twist: A french vanilla cake, mixed with chocolate buttercream, and covered in an orange chocolate shell and Chocolate Fudge Mint: A chocolate fudge cake, mixed with a cool creamy mint icing, and dipped in a green chocolate shell.

I took a few rejects to Creation Festival one evening. I felt like a magic fairy handing out free wands. People flocked to me. They beat me, tore my clothes, and left me with nothing but the container that I brought them in.

It was serious.

Come to think of it…I don’t even think that I got my container back.

Well, moral of the story is…they were amazing….if I do say so myself.

Then, I created something I had NEVER made for anyone in the history The Miss Cupcake’s existence. Cupcake-push-up-pops. What an amazing invention?! You bake some cake, pipe icing, add a little sprinkle dazzle, and poof…a magic container of cupcake.

Perfect for construction workers, garbage men, or horse farmers, who often have dirty hands.

 The flavors that created were (on left): Chocolate Cherry Fudge: A chocolate fudge cake, layered with cherry buttercream, and chocolate jimmies and (on right) Orange Dreamsicle: Orange Creamsicle cake layered with cream cheese icing, and white jimmies.

 In addition to labels for all of the treats (as not to evoke mass confusion in the guests), I provided creative signs that used humor to convey the main message. (Which cleart was: come to this table and prepare yourself for a sugar coma. This, I’m afraid, was a very inevitable consequence. But hey, if you counted the number of calories you MUST have burned maneuvering over the the sugary paradise, then I guess you almost lost weight….maybe?

Now, what could have been more appropriate than Let’s Make Whoopie pies at their wedding? As shown above, I thought it was necessary to show the obvious connection between whoopie pies…and Mike and Georgina’s lovely evening they would spend together. The guests thought it was pretty cute…and I of course chuckle every time I see one of these labels.

I also made a few other treats such as chocolate mustaches (in mustache colors of course!) and chocolate covered pretzels.

Lastly, because they call me The Miss Cupcake, I was commissioned to make 24 dozen mini cupcakes in various flavors including: Dunkaroo, Chocolate Covered Raspberry, Peanut Butter Cup, and White and Brown. In addition, there was a certain “food victory” for The Miss Cupcake when Georgina emailed me Mike’s reaction to eating one of the chocolate covered raspberry cupcakes during a tasting session. The response, I must advise, was not PG….however, I do believe this word is PG-13 now…but I”m not up in the movie rating lingo these days. Due to this fact, I did my best to make the response (as shown above) as kid friendly as possible.

Because..you know..it could have been a whole array of words. Like, flying amazing, flueting amazing, flicking amazing.

You guys..with your minds in the gutter.

But, I digress…

A cute little cake to cut shown with the absolutely adorable bunting that Georgina crafted with her own hands.

Or maybe she hired tiny little elves to use their tiny little hands to craft that tiny little bunting.

These days, anything is happening.

Shown is an array of desserts at one one of the tables, complete with Georgina’s “Keep Your Hands Off” sign.

hehe…still giggling about those labels…I know you are too!

This story is so sweet. Georgina and Mike commissioned their Amish baker friend to bake 250 mini pies for their guests. All that I can take credit for was the labels.

I will say, Jared and I hijacked a Shoofly and an Apple pie (per Georgina’s permission…OF COURSE! tehe)

Shoofly pie makes me feel as free as a bird. It gives me happy wings and sends me to the sky. That was some seriously legit pie.

Other than a few technically challenging issues, like my cupcake tree malfunctioning, me flipping out on Jared (totally normal), and fighting guests as they attempted to ransack me for goodies, everything turned out delightfully. It was such a joy to be a part of such a beautiful ceremony.

Mike and Georgina, you are two gorgeous people with such amazing personalities! There is so much to love about you guys!