Oh the Possibilities (of Cake Mix)

Yes, possibilities. I said it. Oh, and let me tell you why. Well….right now I’ll just show you why.

Cake Mix Facts:

#1 Cake mix is fabulous.

#2 You can look like a crazy master baking with one single cake mix!

#3 You should really go buy some cake mix.

I have finally realized the full potential of cake mix. I only devoted a teeny smeany amount of time to this venture as well….so it’s worth the tiny bit of trouble.

Well…I shall start at the beginning. Pillsbury’s moist deluxe chocolate cake mix makes (truly) the BEST chocolate cake I’ve ever tasted. Really people. I’m not lying here. If you have 18-22 minutes and two cupcake pans-I dare you to try!

But…the possibilities of such cake mix. Here are a few easy and very simple “gourmet” cupcake ideas that I decided to put about an ounce of effort into.

Front Left-Chocolate Coconut Snowballs. Reserve a small portion of the chocolate cake mix batter and stir in a “favorable” amount of coconut. Bake for the normal time on the cake mix. Frost with your favorite vanilla frosting (I’m not going to lie-I used Pillsbury Creamy Supremevanilla-it’s truly everyone’s favorite) Then roll in coconut on top.

Front Right- Choco-covered Peanut Butter Pretzel. Could this combo sound any better? First you reserve a small amount of chocolate cake mix batter and add one spoonful of peanut butter. If it gets super thick-just add water until it’s a bit more smooth. Bake as normal. Take vanilla frosting and add peanut butter to taste. Pipe frosting on cupcakes. Top with a pretzel, and drizzle melting chocolate on top. !!Chocolate trick!!-put a few choco chips in a plastic baggie and put it into the microwave for 15 sec. intervals until melting. Snip the the corner and pipe chocolate onto the cupcake!

Middle Left-Marsh Bee Cupcake. Intrigued? Crush up Honey Bees…add to a reserved amount of chocolate cake batter. Bake as normal. Add marshmallow cream to vanilla frosting. Pipe onto cupcake. Sprinkle onto cupcake, then top with a Honey Bee.

Middle Right- Regular Choco. cupcake with vanilla frosting piped only onto the center. Press into mini nonparells. Press until sprinkles are flat.

Top Left-Chocolate “pumpkin” Cupcakes. Regular chocolate cupcake frosted with vanilla frosting. Press in orange sanding sugar until flat. Attach a rounded green candy dot with a small bit of frosting.

Top Right- Choco-PB Filled Cupcake. Same cupcake recipie as Choco-peanut butter pretzel cupcake. Put peanut butter icing into ziploc bag or piping bag. Push tip into cupcake and fill-just about it’s ready to burst everywhere. Then drizzle melted chocolate, top with chocolate swirls.

Look at them! They are all ready to go and be eaten! Goodbye Cupcake! Can’t wait until the leftover return to me (if there are any!) Go ahead!! Be creative! Get your hands on a cake mix!