San Gimignano

I’ve realized that every single town that I go to in Tuscany I’m going to fall in love with.

It’s just inevitable.

San Gimignano was no different. With its beautiful walls, it’s “world-champion” gelato, and it’s plethora of Tuscan pottery, San Gimignano caught my Tuscan-loving attention.

So naturally, hearing that  this lovely city has been known across the world for it’s amazing gelato, we thought it was only necessary to involve ourselves in this magic.

So we did.

And we were immediately met with a plethora of beautifully decorated gelato tins.

Oranges, Flowers, Roses, Figs, oh my!

Just beautiful.

And of course, the brioche con gelato was offered. This “Italian ice cream sandwich” is a soft sweet bread roll stuffed with creamy gelato. I have yet to sample it myself, but don’t worry, it will happen.

Colleen, Susan, and Jessica purchased several flavors at the championship gelateria. I, however, decided that I had overeaten enough that day and would rather mooch off them.

So, again, I did.

And I was able to sample over 7 flavors.

Mooching victory.

 The gelato was great,  it really was. However, I have been completely spoiled by my first gelato love, Gelateria De Neri in Florence. I will not betray it. It will forever be in my heart (and on my hips).

The extra love on my hips helps me to remember.

We walked up to the top of the beautiful city and we were treated to (yet another) Tuscan dream experience.

And me?

Well, I’m just happy.

I just can’t get tired of what my eyes are blessed to experience.

But, after walking up more than three stairs, I was tired, and felt like passing out from the excessive amount of exercise.

So, I thought I would try some more gelato, actually ordering my own this time.

And these guys claimed to have the best ice cream in the world. That’s quite an ego to live up too. And to be quite honest, they lied.

I mean, it was gelato, so I ate it, but De Neri takes the cake again.

 So, I got my sweet fix, it was time to find some other trouble.

And oh, dear, I did.

Pecorino, Pecorino, Pecorino everywhere.

And it made me giggle, jump up and down, and beg for samples.

Except, I just didn’t understand the different cheese rind toppings. After some extensive cheese research and finding someone who spoke some English, we still didn’t really understand. So why are they covered with different things?

Who knows. I like it though.

The cheese has character.

And then we found THIS cheese, which was pecorino with pear. The fresh soft cheese was infused with what seemed to taste like fresh pear juice. It was amazing.

So, of course, I bought some.

I’m planning on hoarding it, sleeping with it, singing to it, and then eating it.

And after the cheese frenzy, Colleen and I decided to take what San Gimignano shops were boasting and run with it. We went into shop after shop marveling at the beautifully crafted pottery, handmade ornaments, and the slow peaking through of Christmas. In one store, we hit the holiday mother load. It finally hit me that I will be experiencing the Christmas season in EUROPE! It’s magical. It’s peaceful. It’s a blessing.

I loved this decoration!

And after we had gotten ourselves into enough monetary trouble, we drove away from the beautiful “city on a hill” and traveled to our next point of interest: dinner.

Because, I clearly was going to starve.

We booked a dinner at a local agriturismo, because honestly, Tuscan farm food has NEVER disappointed. It’s personal, made with fresh ingredients, and the level of service is impeccable.

We pulled up to a gorgeous Tuscan villa overlooking San Gimignano.

La Lucciolaia is where we would enjoy a delicious Tuscan meal. We were a bit early and were kindly ushered to a waiting room where comfy couches awaited us and a TV projecting the Miss Tuscany pageant pleased us.

And then we got a quick look at the menu.

I can’t live like this! I need something at least semi sub-par to be able to enjoy this forever!

But on the other hand, maybe I CAN live like this :)

We were treated to a beautiful white wine to begin the meal, produced locally in San Gimignano.

And they shared with us their “new” olive oil, produced several days before. It was fresh, boasted of an incredible green color, and was delicious when eaten with fresh vegetables harvested locally.

Out first course, called “antipasti” was a Lontino (Italian pork cold cut) with a Pecorino cheese fondue.


Oh, my dear sweet goodness gracious yes.

The primi course was a pasta with meat sauce and freshly grated parmigiana. This perfectly cooked al dente pasta was absolutely impeccable. So simplistic, exactly was meat is suppose to taste like. It blew my mind.

Yet again.

The “contorno” (side dish in Italian), to our main course were sauteed greens with pine nuts and raisins.

The secondo (main course) was a DELICIOUS beef roast with pungent black peppercorns and boiled potatoes.

To end the meal, we enjoyed a very simple country cake with pine nuts and powdered sugar.

Tuscany continues to amaze me in every way. It’s beauty is un-matchable, it’s aura of relaxation is personally necessary, and it’s splendor and simplicity is magical.

Go. Now.

Go to Tuscany.