Summer Heat Whoopie Pie Sale!


Oh hey.

No, I didn’t forget about you.

I have just been being a bum.

But don’t worry, now I’m done.

And now that I’m done, I have gotten my feet wet.

Wet in a big giant pool of epic water.

There are big things in the works for Let’s Make Whoopie and The Miss Cupcake. One by one they will start to be unveiled. But for now, let’s focus on the important stuff.

Whoopie pies.

The summer heat whoopie pie sale has come at the perfect time. Because, as we all know…it’s hot.

And if you are hot, then you get cranky.

And if you are cranky, then you yell at the bank teller.

If you yell at your bank teller, then she tells the bank president and won’t give you a mortgage.

If you don’t get a mortgage, then you can’t buy a house.

If you can’t buy a house, then you are homeless.

Don’t be homeless.

Buy some whoopie pies.

Summer Heat Flavors

  • Old School Original: This classic whoopie starts with a chocolate shell and is filled with a creamy vanilla filling.
  • Peanut Butter Cup: This chocolate fudge whoopie pie has a peanut butter cup baked right inside! Next, the shell is dipped in milk chocolate, filled with a creamy peanut butter center, and finished with a white chocolate twirl.
  • Teaberry Treat: The old fashioned favorite turned summer time whoopie treat, this sweet delight starts with two teaberry shells and is filled with a creamy vanilla frosting.
  • Birthday Cake Batter: Just in time for birthday party season, this vanilla sprinkle whoopie pie is stuffed with cake batter frosting, rolled in multi-colored sprinkles, and drizzled with a white chocolate twirl.
  • Peach Cobbler: A peach filled streusel shell is the base for a silky cinnamon scented filling. Lastly, it’s drizzled with a white chocolate swirl.


  • Price: $30 per dozen
  • Dates: Whoopies will be available Saturday, July 27 – Monday Morning, July 29
  • Whoopie pies MUST be ordered by Thursday, July 25th
  • Delivery is available for a small fee. Free delivery on orders $90 and above. School and office delivery available.
  • Email orders or questions to or call directly at (570) 713-5421


Looking to get married or know someone who is? The Miss Cupcake and Let’s Make Whoopie offer delicious and unique personalized options for weddings and events of all shapes and sizes.

Like seriously.