Sweet Therapy: Doctor’s Day Cupcakes!

So before everyone reads me the riot act as to why I have not blogged in the last 29 days, give me time to explain. I have considered punishing myself in several ways: cupcake eating contests, icing shots, and sprinkle torture. All of these methods seemed rather effective (and fun!), but I opted for a more non-traditional route.

I lost my mind attending college.

What have I been doing in the time since I have last shared a sweet sugary biography?

Let me recap.

It all started when Jared and I decided to go to Boston for Spring Break. Great idea, we thought. We could spend time with Luis and Laura, Marianne, my best friend Torey, Jared’s friend Walter, it would be a week full of fun!

Although Boston was incredibly great, I visited Harvard Business School! (Masters degree!! WOOT!), I got to spend quality time with my bestie, eat on top of the Prudential center, gorge myself with BerryLine frozen yogurt on multiple occasions, visit my Latin brother who thinks that I should do everything in Boston in one day, became acquainted with a fabulous restaurant called Fire and Ice, and had a sugar attack after eating at Sweet Cupcakes, something bad happened.

I forgot about the school work.

As many of you know, I attend Susquehanna University on the side, have an obsession with 4.0s (like collecting them is my job!), and I tend to finish all of my work with plenty of time. Yeah..I seemed to forget about all of it. Until I got back from Boston.

So, if you have seem me lately, you have experienced one or more of several personal characteristics:

    • My eyes are puffy, like a bee just stung me
    • I have traveled to every McDonalds in the surrounding counties to indulge in a cone of McDonald’s ice cream…because well…I just had to have my ice cream to stay awake
    • My dad and I are still communicating at the wee hours of the morning, because well…we both don’t have a life
    • I have been running around looking for something and most likely accused you of stealing it, even if you have never seen said object before in your life
    • I lose things. Like car keys, that yogurt I took out of the fridge yesterday for breakfast but remembered I didn’t eat it, or my mom’s nice spoons (she’s pretty ticked off about that)
    • I seem irritable, like I just forgot something that I really should have been doing..but just couldn’t think of it. These are the times that I resort to one of two things: Facebook or taking a bath.
    • My room now looks like several families decided to move and needed a place to store stuff. I have random things ground into my floor, like animal crackers and mysterious looking prescription medicine. (Although, the medicine could be seen as a benefit. Like a box of chocolates. You eat one, and you never know what you are going to get!)
    • My crying fits. These usually are due to the fact that I had 5 hours of sleep the night before, I forgot I had an assignment due, or I left my phone downstairs and Jared isn’t there to get it.
    • 2am mornings because of Jared’s secretive fraternity hoedowns (or whatever they call them). Mysterious events take place that I’m forbidden to know about. It’s times likes these that I begin to wonder…what really are those fraternities doing: did they rent a pony? Did they have a private Justin Beiber concert? Are they seeing how many rice cakes they can eat without throwing up? Why are we not invited? Oh the secrets of the fraternity world. Some things I may never know.
    • And of course, the baking. There has been a plethora of baking. Many more things to come my friends, and..if you keep reading, there is a surprise in store for all of my readers! Think rice cakes! hehehe
So, enough about me losing my mind..I mean, I think that we are all aware that this is an inevitable and realistic issue that I deal with on a daily basis. It’s probably why I have so many friends……tehe.
These Doctor’s day cupcakes come in hand at just the right moment in my life. I need some sweet therapy, and these cupcakes will surely do it for you.

My drug inspiration? Prev-acid. Actually, this drug is so perfectly relevant for this situation, I’m inclined to incorporate it into many of my cupcakes. Eat a cupcake, prevent heartburn.

I think I just brain birthed a slogan.

Eat sweet, without being beat.

I’m not sure why I haven’t been recruited to a marketing firm for drugs.

Now after you have eaten your heartburn prevention supplement, you look down at your leg, and realize that you were so overjoyed by the fact that you can prevent heartburn, that you didn’t see the small cut that has developed on your ankle.

My dear sweet friends, The Miss Cupcake has a solution for that. Behold, the Band-aid cupcake.

Now, this band-aid might stick to your leg, but if you decided to eat it after your bleeding has cauterized, you might find yourself in an awkward position. “Do I eat my blood or do I discard this delicious tasting band-aid?”

Now, I’m not trying to sway your opinion, but Vampires are  kind of in these days ;)

My lovely, non-disturbing in every way, mother recommended that I use chocolate “blood” under the band-aid to go for a more realistic woundy-like look. Now, lets keep in mind that these were for a group of highly distinguished medical professionals. But, hey, what is more appetizing that a bloody band-aid on a cupcake?

I can’t think of many things that could top that.

But, that sparked some inspirational nerve endings inside of my brain.

I hope that next time the wound clinic celebrates any event, they call me.

Let’s recap on the benefits of Dr. Miss Cupcake’s metal treatment plan thus far:

We are able to prevent  heatburn with Prevacid pill cupcakes.

we have healed our bloody ankle with band-aid cupcakes. What’s next?

The one a day pill cupcakes. Birthcontrol, blood pressure stabilizers, diabetic meds, anything, I can put it on a cupcake for you.

Not, the diabetic medication might prove to be a bit risky. I’ll give my research and development team a bit more time with that.

One cupcake a day until your problem is no more. It’s like one a day vitamins…only way better!

I don’t know why this has never been done before. It’s brilliant. It’s kind of like the answer to everything.

Wars, bullying, and bad grades. All of it can be solved with a cupcake.

 So there you have it, a batch of sweet therapy. Fight heartburn, prevent wounds, and regulate your cycle.

Who knew The Miss Cupcake could offer so many brilliant things in one single post?

I told you I’ve been busy!

Oh, but that is not all, folks!

If you scroll down just a teeny tiny bit, you will behold with your eyes two brilliant and majestic cupcakes that I have specialy created for each and every one of you. However, I’m not telling you what they are how to make them…just yet.

Because, I already have! The Miss Cupcake will be the featured spot on WNEP’s Home and Backyard show that will be featured on Saturday, April 6th at 9am. The show will be on Newswatch 16′s WNEP station.

So get ready, TIVO!! You might as well install a TV in the kitchen so you can follow along and make these with me.

It’s going to be EPIC. Be there, or be…well….without delicious cupcakes.

I wouldn’t wish that on my worst enemies.

Peace. Love. Cupcakes!