Tell Me ‘Bout it, Stud! Grease Pink Lady and T-Bird Cupcakes

So, first of all…thank you for all of the sweet comments and remarks about the newspaper article. It was splendid fun. Miss Cupcake sure did apprecoate getting some press!

I had this fun little project this last weekend. Hannah Swanson, Diva Grease Queen of all this theatrical, decided that Miss Cupcake needed to be a part of her big birthday celebration. I was COMPLETELY ok with it too!

So, the ideas started rolling. How could I take the movie Grease and turn it into a birthday treat? My options did abound:

  • A giant rice crispy treat shaped like John Travola’s Head?
  • Leather pants made out of black licorice?
  • Olivia Netwon John made out of mini cupcakes?

All of these options had potential, but due to the technical difficulties of construction, I opted for the more traditional route. Cupcakes. I know..B-O-R-I-N-G. I need to start thinking more creatively :)

So I brought out the ol’ fondant dyer (Jared) and made me some pretty colored fondant.

I started with some Rydel High Cheer leading cones, super cute, right?

And lovely pink poodle skirts.

“Lauren,” you say, “Why in the world would you dye those lovely fluffy vanilla cupcakes black? Well, I was going to dye the actual frosting black, but then I remembered that haunting memories I have of black frosting. As you bite through the thick dark abyss of black frosting, it decides that it would like to house it’s remains on your teeth. Then, you walk around completely in denial of the fact that you, yourself are scarred with the black teeth syndrome. Teeth, gone to the dark side.

Keeping all of these things in mind, I decided that I would break out my new airbrush system. (that my lovely brother purchased for my birthday). *This is a paid advertisement from Blake Elsasser* (or hopefully it will be when I tell him to pay up)

Mini Black leather jackets and Grease records.

For the rest of the cupcakes, I made these cutey potootey cupcake toppers with the T-birds and Pink Ladies logo.

And here is the Grease mini cake just for Hannah. Just so you aware, I did not intend to make it look like John and Olivia were pole dancing. Of course, creating R rated cakes if not my forte.

We will leave that to “Playtime Cake Boutique”

Hmm…I bet there is a market for that.

Anyway, I draw the line at PG-13. Enough said about that.

Adorned with checkered dance floor and mini fondant skirt and jacket.

Can I reiterate how adorable she is?! Look at her! She had two outfits to walk in to the party with. One to make a grand entrance (I’m sure you can guess which one that was) and one to finish the party with. (Photo credit J. Swanson and L. Jacob)