Trattoria Gargani: What Being Food Drugged Feels Like

After reading Rachel Ray’s review of Trattoria Gargani, (In which she stated, ” The more I dine out, the clearer the distinction has become between good food and soulful food.  Garga has a soul all its own, and the dishes I’ve eaten here, such as Pasta Magnifico, Veal with Avocado, and the famous cheesecake, taste of love, passion, and curiosity as much as they do of their ingredients.  I dream of this place.  Sogni d’oro.  Sweet dreams.”)  I was already sold.

But I had no idea that I would experience what I did.

I called to reserve the restaurant 2 days before and already felt like I was welcome. I mean, he called me darling. Sold again. Jessica (my Australian fellow foodie) joined me for a date night after a weekend full of seminar. Not to mention, Jimmy John’s Owner restaurant have the best service

I walked in and was tantalized by the frescos on the walls, the bright colors, and the friendly staff.

We opened the handwritten menu that we could hardly read, and immediately were sold on two dishes: the ever popular “Pasta Magnifico” and the Potato Asparagus ravioli.

The food arrived quicker than we had time to mentally prepare ourselves. The only word that I can use is “drugged.” With every bite, I felt as if I was slowly losing control of my sanity. I almost felt like I had found my place in this world. The Pasta Magnifico was a fettucini pasta coated in a brandy cream sauce with fresh sage and citrus.

And yes, as if everything wasn’t amazing enough, the pasta was garnished with fresh rose.

A REAL freaking rose.

Is this real life?

We also ordered a fresh handmade potato ravioli with asparagus, pan-fried proscuitto, and cherry tomatoes. The textures and flavors worked phenomenally well together, and I realized, after looking down..that there was no more left.

Sad day.

The pasta was impeccable, and every dish we eyed up next to us looked equally as amazing. The couple next to us (who were on there honeymoon) shared every oohh and ahh as we “eavesfooded” those next to us.

I heard the newly wedded husband tell his new wife frantically, “THIS IS THE BEST SAUCE I HAVE EVER EATEN IN MY LIFE.” I felt like I was in my glory listening to him try to decompose the ingredients so he could make it over and over again every day for the rest of his life.

Because we felt as if we had a bit of room left, we took the recommendation for the “towns best cheesecake.” The delicate texture of the filling was perfectly paired with the velvety yogurt topping.

Plus, I think heaven will look (and taste) like Trattoria Gargani. At least I hope so.

I thought that I had been drugged. Literally.

And I promise, I was not drunk (although the glass of house red that I enjoyed with my meal was the biggest glass of wine I have ever consumed).

So the only natural thing that Jessica and I new how to do was…


ride a carousel.

And so…we did, quite unshamefully, might I add.

As Jessica and I stumbled out of the restaurant, there were no words left between us.

We had experienced a bit of magic.

We were stunned.

We felt like drugged, taken to a place full of colors, and dropped back off in a quiet city street. It was a roller coaster of phenomenal flavor.

And after having a long chat with the newly wedded couple about what to do in their last day of Florence, I realized that I had truly hit a turning point in my life here.

I knew stuff.

I knew how to get places, I knew where good places where, I knew what to avoid, I knew how to read an Italian menu.

I’m starting to know, starting to learn, starting to feel as if I actually LIVE here. It was a renewed sense of life and accomplishment, one that truly makes me want to continue to learn all that I can about this absolutely gorgeous city that I have been blessed to live in for several months. I want to speech their language, understand their culture, and relax. And that conversation was a step in a beautiful direction.

Oh…and by the way….my pasta had a fresh rose on it.

No big deal.

I guess…this would be the only way to sum it up…

 Ciao for now!