The Tale of Two Cakes (Not Miss Cupcake’s)

Tale of Two Cakes

Hello, my Miss Cupcake friends. This post has been long in the making. However, I’ve been icky all week. It started the evening before my birthday, and resulted in my scouring over my leftover birthday cake in the refrigerator waiting for my tummy to feel a sense of relief. When it did, I had my fork in {Read More…}

Bridal Shower Take 2

Picnik collage

I’ve finally come to the realization that my brother is getting married. It has taken me quite a while, and I never understood what a ridiculously huge change that it would be for me specifically. I would have no one to pull out large clumps of my hair, rip skin off my body when I hide {Read More…}

Candy, Cupcakes, and Finals, Oh My!


What a weekend! Running on 20 credits of a heavy duty Susquehanna workload, trying to live up to my bridesmaid duties by helping to plan a bridal shower, and attempting to finish 250 cupcakes for a great charity fashion show for the Walk on Foundation. Miss Cupcake was (and is) BUSY! (Yes, I did just refer {Read More…}

A Mother (and Cape May Food) Like No Other


  I really can’t use words to describe what my mother means to me. In fact, there are moments in my life that (I’ll be the first to admit) I’m just not good to her. I’ve flipped out at her for forgetting something that I should have remembered, mumbled the answer to her question to {Read More…}

Chopped Dessert Round: Jared and Blake Style


 Let me tell you a story. So, I made this adorable little cake on Saturday, complete with purple and pink chocolate tiara and fondant high heels. It was pretty cute, if I do say so myself. Well, that cake was supposed to be the theme of this post. But, as you can see, no cake. {Read More…}