Snowed-In Breakfast

I bet you are wondering what is on that plate of goodness. Well, don’t be concerned because I’m going to tell you. Have you ever decided to make breakfast on a spur of a moment because it snowed and you couldn’t go out for breakfast? Well, this is the breakfast for you. Easy peasy, plus {Read More…}

Sour Cream Raspberry Coffee Cake (Coffee not Included)

So, I recently recieved a wonderful excuse to bake! (I really like those times if you haven’t noticed). Surgery. Surgery is an ecellent reason to bake! It makes everything feel a WHOLE lot better. So I asked the surery-ee what he wanted and he requested something I have never made before. I know…me…never make something? {Read More…}

Delightful Diva Day: Quiche and Toast

Let me just prepare you for these next two dishes. If you are on a diet of any kind, just leave. You are not even welcome to look upon these recipes. I’m sorry, not for you. Because the only reason these next two dishes are some of the best breakfast recipes I’ve ever made, is {Read More…}

Delightful Diva Day: Scones and Spritzer

Diva Day. Pretty Self-Explanatory. A few divas get together and have brunch, prepared by me, of course! My family and I pretty much invented it, and it stuck! Now, you to can have Diva Day prepared for you per your request. I’m anxious and waiting, and have many a new recipe to try. This particular {Read More…}