Venice: Like a Farytale


There are those times in life when you are personally challenged  Have you ever had a time like that? Maybe you promised yourself that you would run a 5k when you turned 60, you challenged yourself to get a specific job promotion, or you tried to cook your first Thanksgiving turkey (AND invited your mother-in-law). At some point {Read More…}

Roman Madness Day 3: Unicorns and X Rated Tickets


Did you think that Rome had enough of the Brubaker girls? Well, we didn’t. Welcome to Rome day 3. And yes, our child-like behavior just got worse. Which means that it just was much more fun. Our day started on the subway (This was after I was judged for wearing pajamas to breakfast). Eros mentioned that if {Read More…}

Did We Just Do That? Roaming In Rome Day 2


  Today was one of those days. One of those days that you have an incredible time because you didn’t plan a thing. One of those days that you are with the ones you love and can subsequently act like your ridiculous self because you know they will still love you. Our day started by a visit {Read More…}

You Can’t See Rome In A Day: My Roman Adventure Day 1

After sharing Florence with my relatives, a city that I have dwelled in for 3+ months, we decided to take a trip to somewhere new, something that we could all share together for the first time. Welcome to our view into the city of Rome. I can’t tell you that we took the same view {Read More…}

How to Spread Florentine Fever


    I had the wonderful opportunity to welcome my mother, aunt, and cousin to my beautiful city. And the joy that mounted as I counted down the hours to see my mother was indescribable. I practically skipped to the train station to see her. And when we did finally hug for the first time in {Read More…}