Summer Heat Whoopie Pie Sale!


Oh hey. No, I didn’t forget about you. I have just been being a bum. But don’t worry, now I’m done. And now that I’m done, I have gotten my feet wet. Wet in a big giant pool of epic water. There are big things in the works for Let’s Make Whoopie and The Miss {Read More…}

Easter Basket Delights


Let’s Make Whoopie and The Miss Cupcake have combined forces to create a fabulous assortment of Easter delights. Easter Offerings Cupcake Basket Easter Assortment: Enjoy the delights of Easter flavors with this basket full of 6 fun cupcakes! Easter chicks, bunnies, and bright flowery cupcakes are sure to delight your Easter sweet! Presented in a basket, wrapped {Read More…}

Let’s Make Whoopie’s Valentine’s Extravaganza!

Brown paper package or gift with red heart shape valentine card.

  Need help in created a memorably creative Valentine’s Day for you friends and family? Look no further, my dear friends,  you have arrived. You will find everything you need to “Get in Good” (and stay there) this Valentine’s Day. With the choice of black or pink, these novelty underwear are sure to please anyone {Read More…}

Lauren and Jared’s Paris Funday


  The last several days of Jared and I’s European adventure were spent taking in Paris without any deadlines, which is something that I encourage you to do. We called them “fun-days,” something we knew that we would be a long time without once we returned home. The first day of our fun-day was spent disrespecting Paris. That is, {Read More…}

Parisian Pastry Hop: Day 2


Day 2 of hopping around Paris in search of sweet had come quicker than I had been able to recover from Day 1. But, whatever. I can convince myself otherwise. And that, my friends, is exactly what I did. Our first stop was Jean Paul Hevin, a famous Parisian chocolatier. The shop was modern, elegant, {Read More…}