What a Fruit (Tart!)

Lets get a few things strait. No, I don’t hoverin the kitchen all day thinking of the next thing I can bake (Yes, I do that….but not in the kitchen) I’m actually quite a busy person. I also don’t create fabulous desserts for no reason at all. I always have a legitamite excuse to create {Read More…}

Peanut Butter Party

Yes, a party of peanut butter. I pray that heaven will be filled with the thick brown peanut paste. It aids in so many wonderful things from cakes to cookies. It’s traditional in sandwiches, and is even found in sauces and soups. What a lovely, lovely thing. I’ll help you realize how divine this is…..I’ll {Read More…}

Oh the Possibilities (of Cake Mix)

Yes, possibilities. I said it. Oh, and let me tell you why. Well….right now I’ll just show you why. Cake Mix Facts: #1 Cake mix is fabulous. #2 You can look like a crazy master baking with one single cake mix! #3 You should really go buy some cake mix. I have finally realized the {Read More…}

For the Love of Candy

This, is the ultimate “sweet.” What a great way to start a blog. Thanks to snippy.snippy.crab.kristi for providing this wonderful masterpiece. It brightens us all!

the “Miss Cupcake” Project

Just what I need. One extra thing in my life to keep me busy, because we all know how much time we have on our hands to do things like this. Absolutely zero. But you know, there are times when some things you know you just got to go for. This is my “got to {Read More…}